The bus was satirical ! Liu Xiang, Wu Sha tore the Ge day is bullshit.-running man 20130908

The bus was satirical ""! Liu Xiang, Wu Sha tore the Ge day: the number of public concern is bullshit. "Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Liu Xiang Wu Sha recently, preaching to the Liu Xiang girlfriend Wu Sha had several former boyfriend, cosmetic, kept and other rumors. Wu Sha and October 31st by micro-blog responded to the statement did the whole volume, not smoked, are not being too fat……. The evening of October 31st, Wu Sha was denied by micro-blog nurturing, cosmetic, angrily insinuator, said: "again and again three innuendo boring! I’m here today to say! I did the whole volume, Wu Sha not smoked fat, not being nurturing, no man, no, not deliberately plan Pianhun, trying to get money, even if the day I unhappy marriage, nor to my ex husband said "you told me to remarry me double back to you this shit! Above all, I will not do in the past, the future will not, who do who understand." Prior to this, there is an entertainment blogger in micro-blog drying out Liu Xiang ex-wife Ge day and micro-blog users interactive screenshots, causing onlookers. In the screenshot, a netizen innuendo Liu Xiang incumbent Wu Sha "bus", and that "lost to the bus, the bus is normal, love, and you are not a road, leaving a clean!" After that, Ge Tian replied, "it seems to be an insider!" GeTian reply to users according to the micro-blog news screenshot shows, Liu Xiang married again to push GeTian hot search for users, she rebuked a pseudopregnancy Pianhun, Ge day said "can’t explain, clarify the tired heart, reiterated 10000th times, absolutely no false pianhun!" In reply to a netizen support, Ge day also shows that the attitude of Liu Xiang, "people feel good is not necessarily the parties feel good, decided to give up is a brave girl, why do you think the two separate boys for a better!" Ge day and Liu Xiang’s marriage began in September 2014, at that time, Liu Xiang in the micro-blog sun two pictured to the vast number of netizens announced the marriage. However, in June 2015, Liu Xiang has admitted in micro-blog and Ge days of divorce, the end of this less than a year of marriage. Then in January of this year, Liu Xiang announced a low-key affair with sally. For GE days seems to be the insider’s reply, netizens have said: too much information, sports circle is also very exciting". In the side of the station that GeTian users, Ge days from A to Z are not borrowed each other by speculation, after breaking up don’t tell you any bad feeling should be a sensible low-key person." Many netizens said that Liu Xiang’s satirical character, Ge day, "people never look at your root, and why Tian Zhelian blind BB, one occupation athlete, you hide mine occupation." (source: Sina entertainment) (commissioning editor: tie) more exciting content, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: