The big three gathered in Ningbo today local heavy rain tomorrow large

The "big three" gathered in Ningbo today local heavy rain tomorrow large cooling cold air, the nineteenth typhoon this year, "Aere" and the East China Sea – the "big three" while the national day long tail had a party that leads us directly to the first day of work after the storm in the. According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, the cold air from the north to the 6 "left", is still the eastern region of China is expected to rampage, the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and its north to 4~6 wind, as well as 4~6 DEG C, cooling above 8 degrees in local areas. The impact of Ningbo, can only be regarded as this cold air southward spread of the small team". For such a small team, we will not take it seriously. After all, in the summer, cold air before usually "tick" rain. The saying "a cool autumn rain", that is the process of gradual changing seasons. But this time, cold air south of the squad met the northeastern South China Sea is China’s wandering Typhoon No. nineteenth this year ". Is expected to 10 during the day before, "Aere" will linger in the South China Sea less dynamic strength, maintain or increase, the strongest typhoon level up (12, 33 ~ 35 meters); 10 days after the west south direction, gradually to the east of Hainan Island in the west to Guangdong in the coastal area near the intensity gradually weakened. According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, this year the nineteenth typhoon "Aere" (strong tropical storm level) in the center of today (8 days) at 5 o’clock in the morning is located in the northeast of the South China Sea Hongkong east south about 275 kilometers, is 21.1 degrees north latitude, longitude 116.4 degrees, near the center of the largest wind 10 (28 m / sec) and the minimum pressure of 98 thousand and 200 kPa, seven wind circle radius of 100 to 150 km, ten wind circle radius of 30 km. Although "Aere" is not directed at us, it can be peripheral flow forces of the powerful, let us quite a bit "gates of fire, adverse impacts. This is far from enough. According to the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, in addition to the cold air and typhoon, and a guy – "summon wind and call for rain" the East China Sea is affecting our city low. The "big three" together, this is our stalls big thing: last night, the rain has been tied down to his face when people’s footsteps, the Municipal Meteorological Station in 9:35 last night issued a yellow rainstorm warning; today there is still heavy rain to heavy rain, heavy rain in some areas; from the current forecast. The obvious precipitation process will continue until tomorrow morning, will end. Yesterday afternoon, the city Bureau of land and resources and the Meteorological Bureau jointly issued geological disasters meteorological risk warning. According to the analysis of meteorological risk warning system in our city ministries and the geological disaster results, the next 24 hours, Yuyao, Fenghua, Ningbo high possibility of Ninghai, Yinzhou and other parts of the mountain geological disasters, especially should pay attention to the local meteorological risk of geological disasters in central and southern Yuyao. Please combine with the actual geological disaster prevention work. Yongcheng cooling and rain, autumn is getting stronger. Today, we will usher in the 24 solar term in seventeenth — the dew. "September Festival, dew gas cold, will be condensed." Cold.相关的主题文章: