The best food is not in the five-star hotel, but from the countryside this dish – Sohu eat and drink sorpack

The best dish is not the original five-star hotel, but from the countryside eating this dish – Sohu today to share this dish I love the father loves children although afraid of spicy also love to eat inside pick to eat small when my mother’s meat in the highest rate of exit this is of particular taste of mother a dish of stir fried meat is very simple but also must pay attention to methods of incense slobber spicy fun but not spicy enough to eat in order to make the taste of childhood leaves ran two supermarket to buy garlic bolt but empty handed without the fried pork garlic bolt sent a little memory in the best but did not affect the taste of the tongue could come to a dish. Wine…… [ingredients] 200 grams of pork tenderloin 150 grams 150 grams 100 grams pepper chili bean sauce beauty moderate amount of oyster sauce appropriate amount of soy sauce fermented black bean shallot four rapeseed oil salt amount of ginger a piece of garlic and five [] to prepare raw material production steps. Dry hot pot, the pork skin hot yellow. Sliced pork tenderloin, sliced after adding soy sauce, oyster sauce, grasping uniform. Chili pepper and beauty diagonally into slices, ginger and garlic slices, onion cut into sections as long as the light blue part. Heat the wok, put oil, add chili pepper and beauty, slowly stir to surface wilted, add salt, stir evenly after the pot stand. The pot add a little rapeseed oil burn to three or four into heat, add pork stir fried oil, add bean paste, fermented black bean, ginger and garlic slices, stir fry, then add the appropriate amount of oyster sauce, stir evenly. Add tenderloin and stir fry until cooked. Add the fried pepper, onion, stir evenly. Finished drawing. [tip], a pork must stir fried bean sauce for a while, as long as a little bit on the line, do not much; two, less spicy chili pepper, beauty spicy food, according to the preferences of discretion to increase or decrease, must go through the process of dry pepper fry, it is more fragrant flavor; many seasoning salt in three, the production process, can taste salty pot, added flavor; four, rapeseed oil to make the dish more fragrant, better color, if not for other oil. Please pay more attention to the public: yezidexiaochu (leaf kitchen)相关的主题文章: