The Belt and Road building is along the country’s Chorus –

"The Belt and Road construction director along the country’s Chorus – Beijing — Interview with the Chinese Academy of Sciences" The Belt and Road "strategic research center Liu Weidong attended the" The Belt and Road "to promote the construction work of the forum and expert as the sole representative, director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences" Belt and Road Initiative Strategy Research Center Liu Weidong busy every day. But back in August 17th when attending the scene, he still remembers: "confidence and determination to promote the construction of the" The Belt and Road "convey the speech of general secretary Xi Jinping in what impressed me most." "The Belt and Road": to create a new era of globalization inclusive reporter: you have said in the past, "The Belt and Road" expression "is a Chinese expected to go the road of globalization". How do you understand this "path"? Liu Weidong: in the past thirty or forty years, economic globalization has profoundly changed the world economic structure. On the one hand, the developed countries continue to "finance" and "high tech", while the manufacturing industry appears "hollow"; on the other hand, some developing countries represented by China rise to become a big manufacturing country. This changed the traditional "core periphery" two yuan structure, and formed the "developed countries – emerging countries – less developed countries," the structure of the three yuan. At the same time, the world economy has not yet come out of the shadow of the international financial crisis in 2008, trade continued to decline, economic growth is low, the rise of trade protectionism and populism. Therefore, how to promote the recovery of the world economy in the new situation, is looking forward to the "greatest common divisor between countries". Since the reform and opening up, China has been deeply involved in the process of economic globalization through gradual reform and opening up, and has made remarkable achievements. At present, China is already the world’s second largest economy, the largest manufacturing country, the largest exporter of goods and the top third foreign investment. Chinese capital to go out as the characteristics of the second global industrial transfer has kicked off. In this context, China needs to make greater contributions to the maintenance of economic globalization and the development of economic globalization mechanism, it is necessary to undertake greater responsibility for global economic growth. "Belt and Road Initiative is born in great changes in the structure of the world, is to promote the globalization of inclusive development efforts, will usher in a new era of inclusive globalization. The inclusion is mainly reflected in the "open" and "equality and mutual benefit" concept of building ", to jointly build and share" principle, and "harmony but not Sameness" values. "The Belt and Road" draw a small circle, not to engage in the maintenance of What I say goes. ", based on the cultural diversity and seek common development and seek common prosperity, peace. It is not a solo of China, but a chorus of countries along the line, which is not only in line with the needs of China’s "going out", but also for the benefit of the people of more countries and regions. To avoid the "misunderstanding of reporter The Belt and Road": "Belt and Road Initiative" is involved in various aspects of the work of the ruling strategy, the society from all walks of life have different understanding about it, is there a misunderstanding? Liu Weidong: at present there are some misunderstandings on the "The Belt and Road". First of all, "The Belt and Road" is not to reconstruct historical period.相关的主题文章: