The battle unbeaten to Jianye home court winning fans (video)

Home court battle unbeaten for Jianye GUOAN FANS with victory in the thirtieth round of prospective TEDA Greentown Sui Lu met Yu Dabao strive to avoid relegation due to accumulated yellow cards will be out of the game. Figure Osports tonight, the final round of the 2016 Super League season jiqiangkaida, Beijing Guoan at Workers Stadium against Henan jianye. For the two teams, the game seemingly "Wuyuwuqiu", but in fact everyone is hoping for a victory for a season, marking the end of the past, national security is the hope for a victory to return fans always never abandon. > > battle unbeaten in the last two league Guoan home court of Jianye, Guoan win a level, the state of the team is considered to have improvement. Henan Jianye recently lost two successive relegation rivals Shijiazhuang and Yongchang Yatai Changchun, they only by virtue of Greentown did not win the victory ahead of a round of relegation. Although out of relegation, but the team first half of the season and the second half performance contrast of the large has attracted a lot of fans questioned, so they also want the fans to regain confidence in the team. Beijing Guoan and Henan Jianye in the Super League against 17 Chinese national security, with 7 wins 8 flat 2 negative record of absolute dominance. National security in the 8 home games, the team 4 wins and 4 flat unbeaten. The two teams clash this season first round, Guoan opponents scored a winning goal in the melee in the grain sailing Stadium last time, can’t back away from the score. The return to the home court, before the release of national security in the theme of "crush" posters, we wanted to return these silly fans with a victory. In the last round of the competition in the outstanding performance of the Du Mingyang was also head coach Xie Feng to the pre match press conference, Du Mingyang said: "I hope that we can do everything together, we played the Beijing team spirit, strive for victory. Mainly to do themselves, play the vitality of young people, dare ganpin." > > Xie Shuai on peak for revenge of the game Jianye home court, Yu Dabao due to accumulated yellow card is not available, a field he has become the last game of the season. For the absence of Yu Dabao, coach team leader, said: "this can not play on the offensive line is a headache for the problem of Yu Dabao" Xie Feng. Another one is dilute Zhe’s injury problems, or according to his training and treatment to make the decision to start again." But the good news is that Zhang Chengdong and Li Lei will be lifted in the game. "I was losing the first team against the Henan team, ninetieth minutes lost a ball, and everyone after come back to me and said, the other played very fierce." From the words of Xie Feng could be heard, this game to win how important to his meaning, he also evaluated the Henan team, the team can see "Henan Jia guidance before the style of play, fighting is fierce, tenacious style of play is also very fast. I remember the first two seasons, we finally have a home court without a win, hope in tomorrow’s game, the team played the first two games of the spirit and tactical level, fight to win the game, an exciting game for Beijing fans." Jia guidance to learn the key to avoid relegation battle in the last round to national security in the Nan River相关的主题文章: