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The baby wants "autumn frost"? Beware of frozen out disease! "Autumn aspic" is "suitable temperature", but in the face of cooling, some parents have children to miss the point, "autumn aspic" Tim clothes there are many errors. The existence of these mistakes, not only "autumn frost" did not play its due effect, but also detrimental to the health of the baby. Autumn dress baby misunderstanding 1. button clothes don’t choose newborn clothes are mostly by the lace design, this can avoid the harm the baby’s skin or buttons baby swallowed occurred buttons, but this does not mean that you can not buy clothes with buttons. Button dresses are warmer than lace designs, and they are more suitable for babies to wear in winter. Try not to choose buttons easy to loose, buttons rough protuberant clothes. 2. clothes loose not to affect the baby’s development of loose clothes although babies do not produce sense of restraint, but if the clothes do not close the baby is very easy to catch a cold, so the choice of clothes should be proper tightness". Loose, namely body loose, but also loose clothes as much as possible to close, especially the baby underwear size to fit the width of a half inch to two inches; tight cuffs that clothes not too wide, the sleeve is best designed, so more warm. Don’t ignore the clothing cuff design clothes, should choose soft and warm clothes designed by. 3., the baby should try to wear less clothes, many mothers afraid of the baby sleep uncomfortable, deliberately let the baby in bed wear less clothes, in fact, this is unscientific. Babies are wrapped up in clothes as soon as they go to bed. Because if you don’t wrap the baby’s little hands, the baby will be restless when you sleep. When the baby after the expiration of 2 months, two legs at night will not stop kicking, tend to put the quilt aside, then the mother should give the baby to wear baby pajamas, clothes to be warm enough, to prevent the baby kicking quilt and cold. The basic concept of "freezing method" and "autumn frost" for different babies is the ability to exercise the body to adapt to the cold winter from autumn. Children are immature, immature and immature bodies, which are in the stage of growth and development, and have poor ability to regulate themselves. Mom and dad should be along with climate change, to step by step on the baby cold training, the implementation of "autumn freeze"". 1. from time to time to distinguish the "frozen" method in autumn, autumn is most suitable for different autumn cold, not to add too many baby clothes. The heat has not disappeared, but also from time to time there are several "autumn" visit, although the temperature began to decrease, but not cold. It is the best time to begin autumn freezing, and is most suitable for cold tolerance exercise. Autumn morning and evening temperature is low, should pay attention to add clothes. Late autumn day and night temperature difference is big, do not let the baby blind and not only unhealthy is harmful, easily lead to respiratory disease. 2.: "It differs from man to man. age, 0-1 years old infants of different freezing method: after autumn only and do not be thin unlined, tightly wrapped, my quilt should be loose, soft, easy to stretch the baby body; when the temperature dropped to 20 degrees Celsius, wear clothes, quilt cover. 2-3 year old children: autumn should wear pure cotton underwear, easy to absorb sweat. With the decrease of temperature, the clothing can be added to the single layer, not to wear chemical fiber clothes for children, because chemical fiber clothes easy to produce static electricity, it will aggravate the skin dry, and

宝宝要“秋冻”?小心冻出病!“秋冻”的根本在于“适寒温”,然而面对降温,有的爸爸妈妈却不得要领,对孩子“秋冻”添衣存在不少误区。这些误区的存在,不仅使“秋冻”没有起到应有的效果,而且还会有损宝宝健康。秋季宝宝穿衣误区1.有钮扣的衣服不要选新生儿衣服大多都是采用系带设计,这样可以避免钮扣伤害宝宝皮肤或是宝宝误吞了钮扣的情况发生,但这并不意味着不能选购有钮扣的衣服。有扣子的衣服比系带设计的衣服更加保暖,它更适合宝宝在冬天穿。尽量不要选择扣子容易松脱、扣子粗糙突起的衣服。2.衣服宽松才不会影响宝宝发育宽松的衣服虽然对宝宝不会产生束缚感,但是如果衣服不贴身宝宝很容易着凉,所以选择衣服要做到“松紧适当”。松,即衣身宽松,但宽松的衣服也要尽可能地贴身,特别是宝宝的内衣尺寸要合适,一般宽出一寸半到两寸即可;紧,即衣服的袖口处不能太宽,衣袖最好是收口设计的,这样更为保暖。贴身的衣服不要忽略衣服的袖口设计,应该选择保暖柔和而又采用收口设计的衣服。3.宝宝睡觉要尽量少穿衣服许多妈妈怕宝宝睡得不自在,特意让宝宝在睡觉时少穿衣服,其实这是不科学的。出生不久的宝宝睡觉时尽量用衣物裹着。因为如果不把宝宝的小手包好,太小的宝贝睡觉时会很不安稳。当宝宝满2个月后,晚上睡觉两条腿会不停地蹬踢,往往会把被子踢开,这时妈妈应该给宝宝穿上婴儿睡衣,衣服要足够保暖,以防宝宝踢被子而着凉。不同宝宝不同“冻法”“秋冻”的基本理念就是从秋季开始锻炼机体适应严寒冬季的能力。儿童为稚阴稚阳之体,正处在生长发育阶段,自身调节能力较差。爸爸妈妈应该随着气候变化,要循序渐进的对宝宝进行耐寒训练,实施“秋冻”。1.因时而异:分清三秋,“冻”法有不同初秋最适宜开展秋冻,不宜给宝贝添加过多衣物。暑热未消,还时不时地有几场“秋老虎”光临,虽然气温开始下降,却并不寒冷。时是开始秋冻的最佳时期,最适合耐寒锻炼。仲秋早晚气温低,要注意加减衣服。晚秋昼夜温差变化较大,切勿让宝贝盲目受冻不但对健康无益还有害,容易引发呼吸道疾病。2.因人而异:不同年龄,“冻”法也不同0-1岁婴儿:入秋后只需单衣薄被,且不要紧包紧裹,衣带要宽松,被褥需轻柔,便于宝宝肢体舒展活动;当室温降至20℃以下,可穿夹衣,盖夹被。2-3岁幼儿:秋天宜穿纯棉贴身线衣裤,易于吸汗。随着温度下降,可单层加衣,不要给孩子穿化纤衣服,因为化纤衣服易产生静电,它会加重皮肤的干燥,而且化纤衣服不透气。3岁以上幼儿:活动量可适度增加,秋季更不能穿厚衣、高领上衣,活动时可穿单薄的运动服。3.因体质而异:体弱宝宝不宜“冻”健康的小孩进行适当的秋冻,能很快地适应气温由暖变凉,帮助孩子迎接寒冷的冬季。体弱多病的幼儿,在多进行室外活动的同时,却不宜盲目地进行“秋冻”,而是要重点做好防寒保暖工作,以便平安度过“多事之秋”和严寒的冬季。 (亲贝网)相关的主题文章: