The Average Joe Deserves

Movies-TV Who knows what the Average Joe deserves? Joe Cuozzo does, he is the talented beer brewer who is behind Joes Lager. He believes the average Joe deserves a beer with low carbs, low calories, and 4.2% alcohol per volume and that is exactly what Joes Lager delivers. 8oz Burger Bar understands this and it is why they carry Joes Lager on tap. This light beer is a little different than the some of the other light beer available. Joes Lager is brewed with Munich malt, which adds a delicate malty/biscuity character. Forget 3.2% alcohol per volume like many other light beers being served; with Joes Lager there is no watering down of the beer, because the beer drinkers that choose Joes Lager know they deserve a full flavor beer, even if it is a light beer. The bonus when you drink Joes Lager4.2% alcohol per volume. Who is Joe and why should anyone drink his beer? Peter Rowe of the San Diego Union-Tribune described Joe Cuozzo like this Cuozzo, 25, is a hugely talented brewer who has an especially winning way with stouts. Rowe .ments on a couple of Joes other beers His Cup of Joe, an imperial stout laced with mocha java and a kegful of Ghirardelli chocolate, won a rave here three years ago. This milk stout (Straight from the Teats) is even better and recently snared a World Beer Cup gold medal. Joe Cuozzo has the following notches on his bedpost: 2000 South East Alaska State Fair-1st place red ale, gold ale, stout, porter, and best of show Strong ale 2002 San Diego Brewers Festival-1st place Cup of Joe 2002 Great American Beer Festival Joe knows the Average Joe Deserves Better, but how does one define the average Joe? The average Joe has the following physical abilities: 27 push-ups in one minute Run 1.5 miles in 12:51 .plete 36 sit-ups in one minute Bench Press 158 pounds one time Even if you and your friends cant run 1.5 miles in 12:51, you can all still enjoy a pint of Joes Lager from the tap at 8oz Burger Bar. You can find 8oz Burger Bars in Miami, FL and Los Angeles, CA. While you are at 8oz Burger Bar try one of the great burgers on the menu. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: