The Asia Pacific Amateur Championship player Macao half leading Tianlong out T9 Zhang cre-xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

The Asia Pacific Amateur Championship player Macao half leading Tianlong out T9 Zhang CRE (click to watch high-definition photos) Beijing time on October 7th, the eighth session of the Asia Pacific Amateur Championship ended the second round of the competition in South Korea Jack Niklaus golf club. Australian golfer Bret (Brett Coletta) – Colette with 134 bar lead the total score of -10, yesterday, with leader Cameron from Australia – Davies (Cameron Davis) followed by a difference. In 7 China mainland participating in amateur teenager Zhang Huachuang, the highest ranking, he surrendered 69 round bar (-3), two total score 142 (73-69), par 2, ranked tied for ninth. Defending champion Lin Yuxin Jincheng, a total score of par, ranked tied for 15. Yuan Yechun total score higher than par 1, ranking tied for 17 place. Ye Wocheng total score higher than par 3, ranking tied for 25 place. Six Kevin total score +4, ranking tied for 31 place. More than 6 players were successfully promoted weekend rounds. 2012 champion off Tianlong total score +15, unfortunately failed to qualify. Yesterday today klaette tied for second outstanding performance, with 1 Eagle 5 Bird 2 bogey made the lowest score of 67 bar, the end of two to 10 below the standard 134 bar 1 bar advantage into the weekend event, tomorrow will be his teammate Davies with strong confrontation. For the first time participating in the performance of his own klaette surprise: I did not expect to come before. This is my first time to participate in the Asia Pacific amateur championship, compared to other teammates, I am the most inexperienced. Today I just focus on playing his every shot, hit the ball, the final results are very satisfactory. Frankly, I also have the opportunity to expand the lead, but the choice of a relatively conservative play, I feel that their current results have been very good. I also don’t want to put too much pressure on yourself, of course, the game rewards above suspicion doubt too tempting." For the first time Zhang Huachuang won this year azalea Invitational (Azalea Invitational) champion Zhang Huachuang today’s remarkable performance, with 5 full-time bird, swallow 2 bogeys, 69 below par par 3 completed the second round of the game. The end of two rod 142 to 2 below par temporarily tied for ninth, still holding the title hopes: "played better today than yesterday, long rod, short rod and a push rod are also good. This morning, the wind is not particularly large, the greens are not so many people stepped on, the stadium is a little better than yesterday. The Asia Pacific amateur championship is one of the biggest events of the year and I’ve been working on it for a long time. This year I was in good shape, won a few games, summer events have also entered the top ten. Now there are 8 points with the leader of the gap, there are two days of the tournament, anything can happen. I’m not going to catch up with anyone, the key is to play a good shot." After two rounds of Jincheng Jincheng ranked tied 15 champions today start once success caught 3 birds, but from the 13 hole.相关的主题文章: