The academicians of the Nobel Prize winner will be at the fair on the Beijing – talk with eloquence plustek

The academicians of the Nobel Prize winner will be fair in Beijing "talk with eloquence" – Beijing, November 2 Shenzhen Xinhua (reporter Chen Wen) eighteenth Fair will be held in Shenzhen Exhibition Center from November 16th to 21. As an important part of the fair, the annual forum of high-tech Chinese both at home and abroad together the most influential scholars, entrepreneurs and celebrities, 2 journalists from the Fair Organizing Committee was informed that this forum on the participation of celebrities reached more than 30. In the high-tech forum held in November 16th China Opening Forum, former vice chairman of NPC Standing Committee, former president of Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician Lu Yongxiang on Chinese technology’s influence on the world: high perspicacity. As Shenzhen veterans, Lu Yongxiang held on fair play an important role in promoting, he will bring the latest and authoritative information on cutting-edge technology development and future trend of this year Chinese. The second time to participate in the fair China tech Forum 2010 Nobel laureate Sir Christopher Pissarides? "Science and technology innovation, will influence on world economy, global economic development trend and Chinese economic development impact on the world" and other issues to express their views. With outstanding contribution in the field of particle physics Kaluolubi as in 1984 won the Nobel prize in physics, he is one of the main proponents of accelerator driven sub critical system clean nuclear energy, this is the first time he will be in fair speech, the changes brought to the world science and technology development. Qualcomm Global CEO Derek? O Bolley explains the impact of technological innovation on the world economy in Chinese high-tech forum. Founded in 1985, Qualcomm Corp is a global leader in 3G, 4G and next generation wireless technologies, and is leading the next generation of 5G technology innovation. Scientists VC first Zhang Shousheng, representative of the high temperature superconducting SO (5) theory, the four-dimensional quantum Holzer effect, room temperature, non dissipative spin flow, etc., has a greater impact in the field of international research. In the innovation of China’s theme forum, Zhang will be driven by innovation driven innovation and ecological interpretation. The Fair Organizing Committee official said, the China high-tech Forum on innovation driven quality leading technology "as the theme, to show the fair economic hot spots," technology leader "and" industry leader "and" innovation leader "brand, on the supply side reform, innovation and entrepreneurship, multi-level capital market, technology and finance, manufacturing China to discuss topics such as. (end)相关的主题文章: