The absence of Cai Yingwen Li Denghui activities are not flowers Li Denghui no longer invited her ne-yuanmu

The absence of Cai Yingwen Li Denghui activities are not flowers Li Denghui: no longer invited her – Beijing relationship China Taiwan news network September 26th Li Denghui and Cai Yingwen changed? According to Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper" reported that 24 evening, "Li Denghui foundation" to do fundraising dinner, Cai Yingwen not only not personally, did not send representatives, no more flowers. For the fundraising dinner, about a week before Cai Yingwen’s office, only through the office of a civil servant phone to inform Cai Ban, Cai Yingwen was unable to attend, the DPP central no flowers, which makes Li Denghui feel a lot, has instructed the "foundation", the future no longer invited Cai Yingwen! According to reports, the Li Denghui administration is in the last 27, will give the fundraising dinner invitations to do high-level cai. About a week ago, Cai went to power, referring to Cai Yingwen can not attend, and the phone is only a civil servant. "Foundation" this very dissatisfied, sources said: "CAI can not come, but the XXX (received invitations Senior) should not personally explain the call?" The 27 last month, "the 20 anniversary of the development of democracy in Taiwan", "the Li Denghui foundation" as early as the seminar held 1 months ago, had to be sent to the office of invitation Cai, but do not give a specific reply to CAI, several times to confirm, will get a negative reaction. Until 3 days before the seminar, Cai Yingwen was informed that the meeting will be held, and even asked to inform the content of the speech of the day Li Denghui. In the past, Ma Ying-Jeou and Li Denghui no matter how stiff, seminars, fundraising dinner he will greet the flowers. Cai office who responded that Li Denghui Cai Yingwen is very respected elders, and on the fundraising dinner activities do not arrange, but also do that for li. Taiwan media reported that "the wind", the pro Lee said the invitation after the election of the Li Denghui foundation for Cai Yingwen, it is through Cai Yingwen’s designated office senior DPP, Cai, Cai Yingwen’s side, there is obviously a "power" that Cai Yingwen influenced by Li Denghui. (Lining)相关的主题文章: