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8 kinds of food is a natural "Huxin Dan   protect the heart more longevity – Heilongjiang Channel – original title: 8 kinds of natural food is" Huxin Dan "protect the heart live longer now heart health care products on the market more and more available, the quality of what makes it difficult to distinguish. So, should choose to recommend the following 8 edible food, they all have strong heart health effects, natural and parity, let your heart happy every day. 1. Kelp prevents vascular obstruction. Kelp is water-soluble fiber, can speed up cholesterol excreted, but also to prevent atherosclerosis. 2, salmon’s best every two weeks at least one meal containing more fatty fish, such as: Salmon, 20% can decrease the content of low density lipoprotein. Scientists at Tufts University have discovered that if consumption enough, OMEGA 3- fatty acids in fish by low density lipoprotein cholesterol molecules to molecular contraction in the blood of family. 3, spinach to prevent cardiovascular disease. Spinach is rich in folic acid and is more effective than other nutritional supplements in preventing heart disease. 4, blueberry USDA scientists found a antioxidants in blueberries, can stimulate the liver cells better decomposition of fat and cholesterol, protect the heart, make the body more healthy. (Li Zhongshuang, commissioning editor Ding Yang) original title: 8 kinds of natural food is "Huxin Dan" protect the heart live longer 5, celery lowering blood pressure. Celery contains celery alkali, has the protection of cardiovascular function. And the vitamin C in leaves is higher than that in stems. 6, oats are very beneficial to the heart, reduce LDL, bad cholesterol. A bowl of warm oatmeal can make you feel full for a few hours, without snacking, and keeping your blood sugar stable is very useful for diabetics. 7, almonds eat almonds is a good way to protect the heart health. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, phytosterols, fiber, and are beneficial to heart healthy fat components. Almonds can lower LDL cholesterol and reduce the risk of diabetes. 8, olive oil contains a large number of monounsaturated fatty acids, can reduce bad cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease. A study from the 7 national cardiovascular disease research shows that the Greek island of Crete on the men’s cholesterol level is high, but few people died of heart disease, the main reason is that the diet contains large amounts of olive oil from the heart healthy fat. The minimum recommended extra virgin olive oil is the best choice, experts suggest. In the process of cooking, it is best to replace other oils with olive oil. (commissioning editor Li Zhongshuang and Ding Yang) 8种食物是天然“护心丹” 保护心脏更长寿–黑龙江频道–人民网 原标题:8种食物是天然“护心丹” 保护心脏更长寿   如今市面上越来越多的心脏保健品面世,质量好坏参杂让人难以分辨。既然如此,还不如选择食用下面推荐的8款食物,它们都具有强大的心脏保健效果,天然又平价,让你的心脏每天都舒心。   1、海带   预防血管阻塞。海带属于水溶性纤维,可加速胆固醇排出体外,还能预防动脉硬化。   2、三文鱼   最好每两周至少吃一次含有较多脂肪的鱼,比如:三文鱼,可以降低20%低密度脂蛋白的含量。塔夫斯大学的科学家们发现,如果食用量足够多的话,鱼中的欧米茄3-脂肪酸可以通过胆固醇分子到血液中收缩生育的低密度脂蛋白分子。   3、菠菜   预防心血管疾病。菠菜富含叶酸,比其他营养补充剂更能有效预防心脏病。   4、蓝莓   美国农业部的科学家在蓝莓中发现了一种抗氧化剂,可以刺激肝细胞更好地分解脂肪和胆固醇,保护心脏,让身体更健康。 (责编:李忠双、丁洋) 原标题:8种食物是天然“护心丹” 保护心脏更长寿   5、芹菜   降血压。芹菜所含的芹菜碱,有保护心血管的功能。而且叶子的维生素C比茎高。   6、燕麦   非常有益心脏,降低LDL,不好的胆固醇。一碗温暖燕麦片能够使你几个小时感觉很饱,不吃零食,并保持血糖稳定对糖尿病人很有用。   7、杏仁   吃点杏仁是保护心脏健康的好方法。杏仁富含维生素E,植物甾醇,纤维,有益心脏健康的脂肪成分。杏仁可以降低低密度脂蛋白胆固醇,减少患糖尿病的危险。   8、橄榄油   含有大量的单不饱和脂肪酸,可降低坏胆固醇,减少得心脏病的危险。一项来自7个国家的心血管疾病研究表明,希腊克里特岛上的男子胆固醇水平较高,但是很 少有人死于心脏病,主要原因是,其饮食含有大量来自橄榄油的有益心脏健康的脂肪。专家建议,加工程序最少的特级初榨橄榄油是最佳选择。在烹调过程中,最好以橄榄油取代其他油类。 (责编:李忠双、丁洋)相关的主题文章: