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The 6 thing is self testing is a cancer risk of 6 things is self testing is a cancer risk experts interviewed: Chinese clinical oncology foundation vice chairman, Southern Medical University cancer center director, Professor Luo Rongcheng "a lot of people talking about cancer", rumors about the cancer has never lost before. One of the most recent "cancer constitution theory". "Cold constitution is easy to get cancer, allergies are more likely to get cancer," said more than an exaggeration, than a scary. There is no so-called "cancer constitution" China ASCO Foundation Director Luo Rongcheng professor and vice president, Southern Medical University Cancer Center said that from a professional point of view, the concept of "cancer constitution" does not exist. Folk have a saying called "not suffering cancer", it makes sense. Because many people rely on good health, unhealthy lifestyle, do not pay attention to regular physical examination, the body is also not care too much, the illness might be serious. But none of this has anything to do with the so-called cancer constitution.   "I think there is some family history of cancer or virus infection by certain people are the real risk population." Luo Rongcheng explained that the occurrence of cancer is mainly related to three factors: one is the infection, such as hepatitis B virus, HCV is a high-risk population of hepatocellular carcinoma, cervical HPV (human papilloma virus) infection is a high-risk population of cervical cancer; two genes, such as BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes (two breast tumor is the most important the suppressor gene) mutation is the molecular basis of breast cancer, with very high "passed from mother to daughter" tendency; three is the spirit of long-term depression, tension, love sulking, makes the neural and humoral, endocrine, immune appear abnormal regulation system, easy to cause the disorder, eventually lead to cancer and other diseases. The three major "cancer constitution," said the Chinese medicine does not fly in the constitution, said that people of different physical fitness may be susceptible to certain diseases, then the Internet is not directly related to the Constitution and cancer? Experts give a detailed explanation.   1 cold constitution. There are rumors that "cold constitution people Yin excess, slow blood flow, low immunity, easy to get cancer"; others said, "the temperature is higher, the lower the risk of cancer". In fact, the occurrence of cancer does not follow the law of temperature. For example, the oral temperature is generally lower than 0.5 degrees Celsius, and the incidence of colorectal cancer worldwide, the male is about 20 million 100 thousand, the female is about 14 million 100 thousand, higher than oral cancer of 55 thousand and 100 and 25 thousand and 100. Try to treat cancer by local or systemic heating, bathing, or exercise on what food to eat to heat death of cancer cells is not reliable. Clinically, it can be used to explore the treatment of cancer cells with high temperature, which can be used in the clinic, but it must be done in the professional medical institutions.   2 allergic constitution. Some people say that the Internet "human immune system allergy sensitive to early detection of cancer cells, but also some people said" allergies are more likely to get cancer". Actually,.相关的主题文章: