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The 328th phase: open market selling eggs, mother baby eggs really — Health Channel – a few days ago, I saw a television program, there are businesses in order to sell eggs, egg, and mother Bao Baodan banner, that is especially suitable for the nutritional needs of the mother or baby. Of course, this special feature of the egg price is not cheap, to a few dollars a. Mother egg? Baby egg? What is this egg? We know that in order to maintain the normal growth and development of children and the health of adults, the human body needs more than 40 kinds of nutrients, these nutrients can not be synthesized by the human body, can only be obtained from a variety of foods. There is no natural food to meet all the nutritional needs of the human body, therefore, the diet should be diversified. Egg contains many kinds of nutrients, including protein, fat and carbohydrate in addition to the three major nutrients, such as vitamin A also contains 5 kinds of vitamins, potassium, sodium and other 10 kinds of minerals, can be said to be the nutrient types and contents are very rich, high nutritional value of food. 100 grams of eggs in the energy and nutrient content of egg protein amino acid composition and the human body needs the most close, the most easily digested, absorbed and utilized by the human body, superior to other animal proteins. It is a good source of protein for children and adolescents who are at the stage of physical development, as well as for adults. Rumor has it that the nutritional value of eggs is higher. In fact, from the nutritional analysis, different varieties of eggs, the nutritional components are roughly the same. All kinds of eggs per 100 grams of an average of 74.1 grams of water, protein, 13.3 grams, fat, 8.8 grams, carbohydrates, 2.8 grams. Every 100 grams of wood egg water containing 72.6 grams of protein, 14.4 grams, fat, 6.4 grams, carbohydrates, 5.6 grams. Regardless of mother, or baby, need more than 40 kinds of nutrients. Just pregnant, lactating women need more nutrients, because, in addition to meet their nutritional needs, but also to provide nutrition for their children. Within 6 months of the baby, breast milk can meet all its nutritional needs. Eggs, was originally an ordinary food, usually live a low-key life. Due to various reasons, has been speculation. Mother eggs, baby eggs are a gimmick, blindly believe, irrational purchase, spend money, does not bring any magical effect. [review] to highlights the author: Ma Guansheng, Ph.D., Professor of nutrition and food hygiene, School of public health, Peking University, doctoral tutor, Chinese Association chief science communications experts, engaged in the study of nutrition and health for 27 years. The current members of the national food and nutrition advisory committee, the State Council Working Committee on women and children of women and children, experts, the national rural compulsory education to improve student nutrition plan for members of the Committee of experts, poor areas to improve child nutrition group pilot project Chinese nutrition experts, deputy director of the society. 2013 of the sixth annual health China billboard health communication fashion figures, 2012 was the first Science Communication Awards awarded "science communication" person of the year award, the people’s daily newspaper "health health China 2012? Ten person of the year award, China nutrition)相关的主题文章: