The 3 meter long Cobra farm dog into the bathroom drilling-zngay

The 3 meter long Cobra farm dog into the bathroom in 3 pm yesterday, Mingxi County police received 110 calls: p.spinosa farms into the Fang Zhen Mei Xi Cun Hu was a great king cobra, sos. Snake Print master took more than and 10 minutes to catch the king cobra. Call for help is a command! Mingxi fire brigade is on typhoon, immediately called the experienced soldier rushed to the rescue, Hu Fang also mobilized police officers to the scene to evacuate the crowd, to prevent the escape of the king cobra assault, Xuefeng forest police for snake master, in order to effectively implement the rescue. Farm owner Lin Jianbin saw rescue workers, said in dismay: death, this afternoon was home to several dogs to wake up. The depths of the mountain bark is very impressive, also attracted people around to observe, the original is a big snake into the farm, to eat here raise spinosa, the result is the electronic dog, and a step by step into the bathroom will be a snake. Lin Jianbin said: I was in fear of dogs sound to find the toilet, see hidden in the depths of the king cobra, was scared to death, not seen so much, will contact the snake have experience of a friend in the Jiaocun master Cao, but Cao master did not dare rushed to the hand, Cao master said, never seen stand up to 1 meters high, will be issued a "eat" scary voice of the king cobra. Xuefeng forest police please have snake experienced master qiu. He then showed extraordinary skill, professional tools, training, yinshechudong, Pathfinder on head, control the body, after more than and 10 minutes of running back and forth, and finally the king cobra uniforms, put the snake in the net. Weighing by measurement, the snake up to 3 meters, weighing about 4 kg, breast diameter of about 8 cm, about a large beer bottle, snake about the age of 4, with snake eggs. The king cobra is the key protected wild animal in Fujian province. 7 night, rescue personnel to the depths of the mountains of wetlands will be released few people tread the snake. >相关的主题文章: