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The 3 brands will be broken into 1 million homogeneous Japanese car purchase tax halved the biggest winner – Sohu car although the Sino Japanese relations is still in the period of ice, boycott Japanese car sound in a continuous line, but mustering the strength in China hurricane, August hit a new high, TOYOTA, Honda, Nissan big three this year in China will break 1 million mark, according to public opinion, the Japanese car became the biggest winner China small displacement half purchase tax subsidies. Japanese cars in addition to TOYOTA, Honda, Nissan three brands, as well as Mazda, SUZUKI, MITSUBISHI, Subaru, etc.. The Japanese car in the China outbreak is data as evidence, in the past August, Honda to more than 106 thousand and 700 single month sales won the first Japanese brand position, growth rate as high as 36.4%. Followed by Nissan, and Honda is only about 3000 cars, an increase is as high as 20%; TOYOTA rose 12%, three in August, and in 2012 the Diaoyu Island incident after the outbreak of the downturn in stark contrast. On the eve of the National Day in 2015, China issued a policy of halving the vehicle purchase tax: the purchase of 1.6L or less vehicle purchase tax halved in October 1, 2015 -2016. This policy in addition to promoting energy-saving emission reduction, boosting market growth, also hopes to help the weak China brands occupy the market opportunities, because Chinese brand passenger cars are mostly concentrated in the small displacement of the low-end products, it did not fully achieve target. 01 Japanese media exclaimed: sales in China this year is expected to break 4 million mark 3 big brands have broken million in tension between China and Japan, Japanese media have suggested that the Japanese car market Chinese collective exit, let Chinese not buy Japanese cars, this is obviously not possible. Because the Japanese cars in China development momentum is fierce, even the "Japanese economic news" also said that, the Japanese car manufacturers in Chinese new car sales in 2016 will exceed 4 million mark for the first time, the data has been close to the Japanese domestic market is expected in 2016 4 million 840 thousand. Statistics show that the cumulative sales of 9 major Japanese car companies before August of this year amounted to 2 million 650 thousand, an increase of 10%, the remaining 4 months of sales season, to sell 1 million 400 thousand cars is not a problem, will easily break 4 million mark, this year’s sales will be higher than the highest record of the year (3 million 900 thousand) a a record high. According to the China Automotive Industry Association released data show that this year 1-7 passenger car sales statistics, the Japanese car sales growth of 13%, the highest increase. Department of the United States cars, German cars were 11%, while foreign brands car only Japanese car market share grew. Of course, the share of Chinese brand growth is more. 2015, Nissan and TOYOTA sales in China has exceeded 1 million mark, this year, Honda will join the camp, in the million club has three Japanese brands, this is the first time. In contrast, the German Department of the club is only one million people, the United States Department of Buick, Ford two, South Korea is only a modern. From the first 8.相关的主题文章: