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The $3 billion 500 million helicopter orders in Poland and France failed slobber war upgrade data figure: the European Airbus Group production "with" original title: $3 billion 500 million military helicopters and helicopter orders in Poland and France failed slobber war in October 13, according to foreign media reported on 12, Poland and France for billions of dollars in helicopter orders were canceled by slobber war the escalating, Poland Deputy Secretary of defense Koneski described the "barbaric French make impertinent remarks". Koneski said, lost in the Airbus 50 aircraft manufacturing "caracal" helicopter contract for Poland, France’s actions reflect their no accomplishment, "they are in a few centuries ago to polish our people to learn how to use a fork, perhaps this is why they have such behavior." The contract value of up to $3 billion 500 million. Poland finally decided to buy a Black Hawk helicopter to the u.s.. Airbus has said it will file a suit. Connors group said in a television interview, Poland decided not to buy the caracal helicopters to Airbus after the French withdrawal to the delegation of Poland next week to participate in the Paris Defence Exhibition free accommodation and car. Poland’s "Civic Platform party" criticism Connors radical remarks that he should be sacked; the ruling law and Justice Party spokesman refers to Connors said base was "unfortunate" remarks. Since November last year, the Legal Justice Party came to Poland a lot of controversy. Earlier in October, the government of Poland revoked the draft law on almost complete prohibition of abortion, which led to several large-scale protests. In the last session of the Poland municipal government by the government of the people’s Republic of Poland, they choose a Airbus Airbus Airbus in a bid. But the Justice Party came to power in November last year, said the contract against Poland, then cancel the agreement.相关的主题文章: