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The 2016 German Cup finals and awards ceremony will be held in Wuhan! Sohu – Sports 2016 "hero alliance" de Marcia Cup finals will be held November 12th -13 at Wuhan Sports Center Stadium, EDG, RNG, IM and Snake four teams will be in the two days of competition, competing for the 2016 de Marcia Cup championship, known as "Oscar’s" competitive power "Heroes union" annual awards ceremony, will be performed during the period. Activities related to the opening of the ticket will be in the near future, please call the attention of the majority of the official website and the client ticket advertising and related news. 2016 Marcia Cup finals, will be held again in Wuhan Sports Center stadium. One of the start of Wuhan as the earliest Chinese gaming, still has a large number of gaming event resources, has a very good mass based gaming. In 2015 the Marcia Cup finals, Wuhan game player enthusiasm also confirms Wuhan good gaming atmosphere. Time rotation, one year time is fleeting, and the Wuhan Sports Center Stadium, Germany will usher in the Marcia Cup finals again. In 2015, EDG is the de Marcia Cup finals, the biggest winner of the annual awards ceremony. And in 2016, in the same venue, in the face of the season’s eye-catching performance of RNG, IM and Snake challenge, EDG can successfully defend again, it is worth looking forward to. Wuhan Sports Center in June 30th to July 3rd at the 2016 Marcia Cup game in EDG, RNG Suzhou Railway Station, IM, and Snake to the extraordinary strength of the team, an advance to the 2016 Marcia Cup finals in germany. The four teams qualify for the course, in addition to the same group of RNG and IM for the group phase second appeared outside, EDG, RNG and Snake in the group phase period with the first team score, qualify for the knockout stages of competition, showing some dominance. In 1/4 finals, four teams are relatively easy to pass, four 3:0, 4 identity that they deserved. In the upcoming semi-final of the Marcia cup, 2016LPL spring and summer two Champions RNG and EDG will be a direct dialogue, and IM and Snake will be another final battle for the ticket. What is EDG as defending, or other team won? In November 12th, Wuhan see! Suzhou Railway Station Snake easy to enter the semi-finals in 2015 Marcia Cup finals, in addition to the event of fierce competition for other "Heroes union" annual awards ceremony held in the game player has also become a hot topic. For "hero alliance" in the field of gaming, the annual awards ceremony is the year in recognition of the work and the summary, is looking for a new development direction. For example, in 2014 the best new MLXG and the best newcomer Meiko in the year of 2015, now has become a team leader. 2014 and 2015 of the year’s best player Uzi and Clearlove, is still the core of its clan. )相关的主题文章: