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King Bhumibhol of Thailand died   known as the "stable main tone" – Anhui Channel – Thailand palace palace office issued 13, King Rama nine Bhumibhol? Adu died at the age of 89. Notice that, although the medical team have to treat, but king Bhumibhol’s health continues to deteriorate, at 15:52 local time (Beijing time 16:52) in the capital city of Bangkok Li Le hospital died peacefully. Subsequently, a large number of people went to the hospital to mourn the king of Thailand. "I can’t imagine what it would be like without him. I don’t think it’s enough for him. I could have done more. — the scene of a Clifford said "women experienced very high accomplishment Bhumibhol was born in December 5, 1927 in Massachusetts, Kan Bridge, Thailand’s former King Rama VIII Madun’s younger brother Ananta?. In June 1946, Ananta? Madun king was assassinated, Bhumibhol succeeded to the throne. In May 5, 1950, Bhumibhol finished in Lausanne after returning to Switzerland, officially crowned, the king of Thailand to Ramah nine world. The same year, King Bhumibhol with the royal lineage Li Jicheng married, has 3 daughters, 1 sons. King Bhumibhol studied in Switzerland, Lausanne, the United Kingdom, the United States and other places, has received a degree in Engineering Science and medicine. He is proficient in foreign languages, culture in literature and art is very high. Later, Bhumibhol also received a doctorate in music and the Austria School of music, for Piano and saxophone. King Bhumibhol early often in the countryside when carrying a favorite Leica or Canon vintage camera, to capture the common people’s life. He said, these precious photos often let sit in the palace he felt spook, only through photography can let him not forget people’s pain. In addition, the early years of the king Bhumibhol also love sailing, had won the championship at the Southeast Asian Games, medals are still in the palace collection. Focus on improving people’s life of King Bhumibhol’s throne in 1946, so far has been in over 70 years, is the world’s longest serving monarch, more than 5 years ranked second in Britain’s Queen Elizabeth ii. During the reign of King Bhumibhol focus on rural development and improve people’s lives, loved by the people. "Yan Jun" is more strict with oneself. In the official statement, King Bhumibhol’s governing philosophy hasn’t changed in 70 years for Thailand people’s happiness, to the rule of justice. Here "law", not only refers to the law, but also contains the Buddhist justice, justice, equality of the testimonies". For decades, the king in the country to promote about 3000 projects to help people in many areas to improve production methods, optimize production mode, the introduction of innovative methods. For example, in the northern Chiang Mai mountains, in the past, people without foot, the hungry, the king was informed that, personally went to the scene investigation, then went into the persimmon, and achieved good economic benefits. In 90s, persimmon production has exceeded the market demand, the king introduced to the local persimmon processing plants, to solve the "milk" trap)相关的主题文章: