Test drive the new Jaguar XFL half and half gentleman enthusiasm-queer as folk

Test drive the new Jaguar XFL half and half gentleman enthusiasm Phoenix car · drive for the Jaguar brand, a lot of the time we are to be respected and recognized, largely from the unique temperament and spirit it emits, and today we drive the car, it is called the new Jaguar XFL, right. It is the extended version of the XF; and it is also after the marriage of Chery and Jaguar’s first product, it is a new car, I think it is warm half half gentleman. Extension is a kind of market demand, but this is not in contradiction with elegant British brand has a unique charm, the Jaguar XFL car you can feel the "Jaguar" this brand name look very handsome, coincidentally, this is very consistent with the brand spirit of sports enthusiasm requires both practical, practical needs to make quality and so, the Jaguar XFL have successful a potential joint venture for the production of the Jaguar brand after the launch of the first product, I am willing to hold a positive attitude, in fact, it retains the inherent gene of the Jaguar brand, enthusiasm, strength, rich spirit of grace and Gentlemanliness…, it also considers the market of China in large business car space and configuration requirements, rather under the living room on the daily ", at the same time, the joint venture manufacturing and make it more close to the people on the price. In this light, Jaguar XFL seems to have a successful one potential. In short, the new Jaguar XFL for those on the British brand, approved on the configuration and driving performance comprehensive needs of users.相关的主题文章: