Tesla Model s new glass roof choose to spend $1500 on the good minmi

Tesla Model S new glass roof choose to spend $1500 by Model S: Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 5th news, according to foreign media reports, Tesla electric car manufacturers added new configuration options for the Model S: glass roof. The choice of the roof will require an additional $1500 (about $10000). According to Tesla’s official website, the glass roof will allow passengers to feel as if sitting in the vast open cabin". Tesla CEO eilon musk · (Elon Musk) said on Twitter, a new roof let Model S internal "feel very magical". Model S Tesla’s second production models, so far has been available for four years, but Tesla has been adding new features and technologies, the glass roof is the latest example. Tesla often uses the new model of the technology to upgrade the Model S. For example, the company’s upcoming Model 3 is equipped with glass roof. Earlier this year, Tesla upgraded the front panel and grille Model S, making it look more like the third generation models Model X. The new option also allows Tesla to show off its investment in automotive glass technology. Musk revealed earlier this week, the company has established a new Department of automotive glass. In a tweet on Friday, Mask said Model S used this glass roof is difficult to develop". Tesla’s automotive glass technology will also be used to help develop solar roof products, the product will be covered with glass to the sun film, solar cells are placed in the bottom. Mask said that the glass part of the solar roof will make it more durable than the ordinary roof. Tesla announced a few months ago announced the acquisition of the solar company SolarCity, the two companies will hold a general meeting in November 17th to vote on the controversial deal. Faced with a lot of questioning, the two companies are trying to portray the positive image of the merger. Critics said Tesla’s aggressive growth plan itself requires a lot of financial support, the acquisition of debt is heavy and costly SolarCity will increase the pressure on Tesla’s financial. (compile sail)相关的主题文章: