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Tencent overweight chronic disease management to seize the blood glucose meter flow entrance – Sohu health in chronic disease has become common disease today, diabetes has become one of the world’s four major non communicable diseases. In 2014, the number of adults with diabetes in the world reached 422 million, accounting for about a quarter of the world’s total population, according to a report published by the WHO. In China, the proportion of adults with diabetes is close to 10%. Because it can not be cured, diabetes management is particularly important. In September 20th, the Tencent officially released the two generation smart doctor sugar glucose meter in Beijing, and announced to carry out in-depth cooperation with the well-known domestic Internet enterprises and the Peking University International Hospital Medical DXY etc.. Local blood glucose meter market will break billion as the basic equipment for monitoring blood glucose in patients with diabetes, blood glucose meter has been just need. From the home blood glucose meter intelligent blood glucose meter, sugar doctor generation to achieve WeChat communication, sugar control guidance, personalized insurance and other functional services, but these features are also similar domestic blood glucose meter market has entered the "mark Internet plus" era. 2014, the global diabetes market size of nearly $55 billion, the United States accounted for the largest share, about 50%. At the same time, in recent years, the global blood glucose meter market capacity of up to $about 20000000000, and has a high compound growth rate. Patients in order to verify the accuracy of the test results, often buy different brands and price of multiple blood glucose meter. Naturally, demand is greater than the number of patients in the market environment to attract a large number of multinational pharmaceutical companies and social capital. According to the health sector to understand, 2015 China’s type 2 diabetes treatment market report shows that 43.1% of the doctors will recommend the corresponding brand for patients with blood glucose meter. But due to the early years of the technical advantages and the first to reach the domestic market, making foreign brands accounted for nearly 90% of the market share in the hospital channel, retail channels also occupy 50%. Roche, Johnson, Abbott, Bayer has cut off most of the "cake", including sales of Roche glucose meter last year is more than $2 billion 100 million. But as a medical device, in addition to appearance, details, such as Tim flower, the accuracy of the blood glucose meter is the fundamental, but also the main consideration of the doctor in the recommendation. The release of sugar two generations of doctors compared with the previous generation, Tencent official said its stability, accuracy, inter batch difference, anti drug interference and other blood glucose meter core competitiveness has been greatly improved. As for the doctor and the two generation of foreign sugar glucose meter high contrast, Teng love medical director Wu Bo said that although there is still a gap, but the two generation of sugar has been able to do clinical comparison with international first-line products in terms of precision. With the rapid development of domestic medical industry and medical industry policy gradually improve, in 2015 China’s domestic blood glucose monitoring systems market size has reached 6 billion 110 million yuan, is expected in 2020 will reach 10 billion 270 million yuan. From the 5 years is expected to achieve double growth reflects the trend of local enterprises, although the technology is still there is a certain gap with foreign brands, but the technical barriers of blood glucose meter has been reduced, the ceiling or industry will be broken, overtaking is not tell some fantastic tales.    相关的主题文章: