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Automobiles There are a very small number of SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) in Indian auto marketplace which are superior in looks and overall recitation at the same time, Tata safari is one of the legendary Sports Utility Vehicles constructed by Tata Motors India that has been ruling millions of hearts since it was projected out; initially its introductory model was brought out with the Petrol version, later on its diesel variants being fitted with the .pany patented DICOR (Direct Injection .mon Rail) engine came out too, that turned the market air solely towards Tata Safari and in result, it turned out to be the market leader in pretty short span of time and the factor that makes it the first choice of the people is the lower price tag in .parison to other thespians. Offering both the petrol and diesel versions, it has got 9 variants down the line including two petrol & seven diesel variants, petrol variants are attached with 2092cc, 2.1L engine supported by MPFI(Multi Point Fuel Injection) while the diesel variants are packed with the latest discovered and .pany patented 2.2L, 2179cc Dicor engine. Existing petrol variants; Tata Safari EXi 4×2 & Tata Safari Exi 4×4 are offered with 2 Wheel & 4 Wheel Drive Options respectively, while the diesel version is available in 7 modifications offering both 2WD(2 Wheel Drive) & 4WD(4 Wheel Drive) options, the Dicor fitted models are; Tata Safari Dicor Lx 4×2, Tata Safari Dicor Ex 4×2, Tata Safari Dicor Ex 4×4, Tata Safari Dicor Gx 4×2 , Tata Safari Dicor Gx 4×4, Tata Safari Dicor Vx 4×2 & Tata Safari Dicor Vx 4×4. And when it .es to engine performance and mileage of all the variants of Tata Safari then this is going to click your mind indeed, its petrol engine has got the capacity to churn out the maximum power of 127ps @ 5630RPM with the maximum torque of 198Nm @ 3750RPM while the DiCOR engine in support of VTT(Variable Turbine Technology) generates the horsepower of 140ps@ 4000RPM along with the 320Nm of torque, so you can be sure of enjoying an incredible riding experience no matter how rough the roads are, its petrol variants tenders the mileage of 9 to 10kmpl on an average while the Dicor engine takes it between 11 to 14kmpl depending upon the riding conditions and adopted Drive wheel options. So Tata Safari can be the best deal if you are looking at all the aspects like world class interiors & exteriors, .fort zone, top class engine performance, adorable mileage, amazing pick up and above all a .plete muscular outward show to amaze everyone wherever it goes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: