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Taiwan influenza epidemic in advance of more than 4000 people a week for more than 1 people died of severe medical treatment – according to Taiwan media reports, this year, the outbreak of the influenza epidemic in Taiwan! Taiwan Disease Control Department announced last week, with 11 new cases of severe influenza confirmed cases and 1 cases of severe influenza deaths, and it is worth noting that, compared to previous years flu until late November will begin to heat up, including the current flu cases, the number of cluster emergency visitors percentage and hospitalization were significantly increased Taiwan, said the Department of disease control, this epidemic indeed in advance, but has not yet entered the peak period. According to reports, the Taiwan disease control department deputy director Zhuang Renxiang said that last week’s new influenza deaths in a 64 year old male with multiple metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma and its history, although the incidence in the third day of medical treatment in hospital, finally died due to infection of H3N2. Taiwan CDC monitoring departments, since July 1st this year to enter the flu season so far, the island has a total of 68 cases with severe influenza confirmed cases; in 7 cases after examination and influenza related deaths, 5 cases were H3N2, 2 cases of type B, all cases were not severe, died of influenza vaccination. Zhuang Renxiang said at the end of this year, this wave of flu, compared to previous years, the really early, last week of the new flu cluster number as many as 9 cases, obvious warming than the 1, a week before the estimate and the recent large baseball game, the parade of ER visits; and people also from the week before the 49 thousand and 950 passengers, up to 54 thousand and 184 people last week, more than more than 4200 people go to a doctor. Zhuang Renxiang stressed that Taiwan virus detection is still H3N2, consistent with this year’s flu vaccine vaccination is the most effective way to prevent influenza, over the age of 65 Elderly, infants and high risk of chronic diseases and pregnant women complicated with severe influenza and other high risk groups, should be vaccinated as soon as possible, to protect themselves and around family.相关的主题文章: