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Taiwan children are watching the composition book – Sohu Taiwan maternal and infant children are watching the magic book from the beginning of writing to accompany children writing, become "teacher", today is the twentieth year, not counting, really do not feel so in the past twenty years, perhaps because and the child is always with years of extra rush. Even if has been "teacher" more than 7 thousand days, "teach" had more than two thousand students, but has heard someone called me "teacher Zhu", but still blush shy, because I don’t feel it from first to last is a teaching and the doubts of the "teacher", so for many years, I just accompany themselves and share children grow older friends, if there is what to help children in writing, I also only willing to position itself as a guide, rather than the instructor. Would say, absolutely not modest words, because I always think of writing this thing should be a human instinct, as long as read, as long as you are willing to, anyone can talk like breathing to write their own ideas, as long as we don’t give too much writing names or meaning, writing can actually is very natural, very pleasant. As a result, I found myself in the children and in the process, the most costly effort, not in teaching writing skills, but hard in the "Disenchantment", also is to help children get rid of some unnecessary obstacles, including psychological fear, disgust, also contains in writing to any bondage this what, when I see the children are willing to love and writing from resistance, is the greatest reward. Writing is a very life, is also very close to the heart, to accompany their children in the growth of a period, and to share their spiritual activities, it is really a happy thing. But I’m still not satisfied, I often sigh themselves not like school teachers or parents, can have more stable and longer accompany them grow up, but I also know the content, because the vast majority of parents have given me trust and time beyond imagination, so I can let go and children they fly in the writing between heaven and earth. Now, I would very much hope that with the children in writing in the interaction of joy, and all the parents share, as long as you are willing to, anyone can play as I like company, share their role as long as give children more space, more for their own free time in writing heaven and earth, you and your children will have unexpected harvest. The audio book for parents to prepare additional instructions, in the "parents", mentioned about writing, mostly everyday speech or class, most parents are concerned about the question, so I will direct questions and answers for treatment; "parents might worry is small" the children still feel difficult in writing heard articles, parents can help by a helping hand tips, of course, if the child without the need, the so-called "words" can be discarded. As for how to use this part of the child’s teaching material? My suggestion is that a week to digest a unit, of course, this visual children academic pressure adjusted at any time, in addition, when the children really want to borrow from audiobooks guide in writing.相关的主题文章: