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Taichung woman for his son to do not permit   knife up the household (Figure) – Taiwan – Taichung city channel people.com.cn Huang middle-aged woman (right) before May 18th to Taichung City situn district household registration office for his son for the seal certificate fails, emotional control, as if a knife self mutilation, were taken by the police to the consultation room comfort. Source: Taiwan "Central News Agency" according to Taiwan "Central News Agency reports, Taichung City woman Huang 18 in the morning to go to Taichung situn district household registration office, apply for the seal certificate fails, for overseas son emotion, as if a knife self mutilation. Situn district household registration office executive director Yu Tingyu said, the woman’s daughter last week with overseas brother’s authorization to the household registration office for brother signature proof, but because the authorization by the Taiwan foreign department "overseas units" visa last year had handled the application matters, in accordance with the provisions of the need to re apply for authorization to apply for the seal certificate. Yu Tingyu pointed out that the direction of her daughter after that, daughter is gone, but the woman still think this authorization period, do not need to bother to apply for authorization, the household registration office last week that the relevant provisions to the woman on the phone, the woman that treatment on the expression of dissatisfaction with the household registration office, said will take the more intense expression of action. According to the household registration office staff situn described the woman arrived at 18, household affairs about 9:30 in the morning, around a circle at the entrance, took the knife from the bag provided against his stomach shouting, the household registration office for the seal certificate request. Yu Tingyu said, the competent to explain, and informed the police to the scene, the woman at the indoor comfort and consultation, according to the Department of the interior regulations, authorization issued by the seal certificate within the time limit, limited to one time, I hope her emotions calm down, and then understand the situation of assistance. 台中妇人为儿子办证不成 持刀大闹户政所(图)–台湾频道–人民网   台中市黄姓中年妇人(右)5月18日前往台中市西屯区户政事务所为儿子办理印鉴证明不成,情绪失控,持刀作势自残,被警方带往咨询室安抚。来源:台湾“中央社”   据台湾“中央社”报道,台中市黄姓妇人18日上午前往台中市西屯区户政事务所,为旅居海外的儿子办理印鉴证明不成,情绪失控,持刀作势自残。   西屯区户政事务所行政课长余婷钰表示,这名妇人的女儿上周拿着旅居海外兄长的授权书到户政事务所办理哥哥的印鉴证明,但因这份由台涉外部门“驻外单位”签证的授权书已于去年办理过申请事项,依规定需要重新申请授权书才能再申请印鉴证明。   余婷钰指出,经所方向妇人女儿说明后,女儿即离去,但妇人认为这份授权书还在期限内,不需要再大费周章重新申请授权书,上周户政事务所在电话中向妇人说明相关规定时,妇人即对户政事务所的处理方式表达不满,还说会采取更激烈的行动表达。   根据西屯户政事务所工作人员描述说,妇人于18日上午9时30分左右到达户政事务后,绕行一圈后走到入口处,从包包内拿出自备的刀子抵住自己的肚子大吵大闹,要求户政事务所办理印鉴证明。   余婷钰说,经主管出面说明,并通报警方到场协助处理,将妇人请到咨询室内进行安抚及说明,依内务部门规定,授权书在期限内核发印鉴证明,以一次为限,希望妇人情绪平复后,再了解情况协助处理。相关的主题文章: