Syria factions peace talks plan to restart in March

Syria plans to restart peace talks in March 7th all the original title: UN envoy said the peace plan in March 7th to restart the Syria factions of United Nations in February 26, Xinhua (reporter Kong Xiaohan Ni Hongmei) Secretary General of the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria Demis Ventura said 26, suspended Syria factions peace plan to restart in March 7th. Demis Tuula day in Geneva through the video to the United Nations Security Council informed that, if the parties in Syria on the 27 day ceasefire can most implemented, humanitarian corridors to maintain a smooth, temporary suspension of the Syria peace plan in March 7th to restart the factions. Demis Tuula said that during the talks after the restart, the representatives of the parties involved in the Syria agenda will remain unchanged, unchanged, that is in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the Security Council in December last year, to reach a comprehensive political solution through negotiations, the political transition process is determined according to the "Geneva Communique" spirit. Demis Tuula said that the agreement is encouraging the parties in Syria but the implementation of the ceasefire, a ceasefire agreement still has a lot of work to do. He called on the international community, Syria international support group and Syria parties resolve, and called on the parties in Syria to show restraint. A new round of talks in Geneva in February 3rd to suspend the issue of Syria, according to plan in February 25th to restart. The United States and Russia 22, Syria parties to the conflict to a ceasefire, a ceasefire agreement will begin from the 27 day. Editor: Liu Debin SN222

叙利亚各派和谈计划3月7日重启   原标题:联合国特使说叙利亚各派和谈计划3月7日重启   新华社联合国2月26日电 (记者倪红梅 孔晓涵) 联合国秘书长叙利亚问题特使德米斯图拉26日说,暂时中止的叙利亚各派和谈计划3月7日重启。   德米斯图拉当天在日内瓦通过视频向联合国安理会通报情况时说,如果叙利亚各派停火协议27日起能够大部分得以执行,人道主义通道能够保持畅通,暂时中止的叙利亚各派和谈计划3月7日重启。   德米斯图拉表示,在和谈重启后,参与的叙利亚各方代表不变,议程也不变,即按照去年12月安理会有关决议要求,通过谈判达成一个全面的政治解决方案,根据《日内瓦公报》精神确定政治过渡进程。   德米斯图拉说,就叙利亚各派停火达成协议令人鼓舞,但执行这一停火协议仍有很多工作要做。他呼吁国际社会、叙利亚国际支持小组及叙利亚各方坚定决心,并呼吁叙利亚各派保持克制。   新一轮叙利亚问题日内瓦和谈2月3日暂时中止,未能按计划于2月25日重启。   美国与俄罗斯22日就叙利亚冲突各方停火达成协议,停火协议将从27日开始执行。 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: