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Syria, Aleppo: a Russian army escalation bombing – Beijing, Beijing, September 27, according to foreign media reports, the government of Syria in 23 days this month on the northern city of Aleppo campaign, and launched air strikes. The war in Aleppo to upgrade at the same time, the United States and Russia continue to battle on the Syrian domestic conflict. U.S. President Obama’s Syrian army air strikes on Aleppo serious concern, Russia said the United States and Russia in Syria, the implementation of atrocities, said unacceptable". On the other hand, Syria’s military said the air strikes is irreversible decision". Reported that it is believed that the sustained and intensive air strikes in Aleppo is the most serious in recent years. The local ambulance service has been unable to cope with such a huge number of casualties. Aleppo was the largest city in Syria and the distribution center. But from 2012 onwards, the west of the city controlled by the government of Syria, the eastern part of the opposition controlled. The United States and Russia by two party truce broken to 19 this month. At present, the Syria government forces are launching an attack, hoping to recapture Aleppo from the opposition. White House spokesman Ernest said President Obama was "deeply concerned" about "shocking killings" in Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria". He also accused the Assad administration and Russia, to discuss a common civilian targets". Russia’s allegations against the United States, and the wording "unacceptable"". Moscow Kremlin spokesman Per Skov 26, warned that such words could make Syria truce efforts to cast to the wind. "We have noticed that the tone and words used by British and American officials are not acceptable," Per Skov said. This will severely damage the ceasefire process, bilateral relations will therefore be destroyed." Per Skov also acknowledged that the implementation of the ceasefire agreement is not very effective, but said that Russia is absolutely hopeful". At the same time, Syria government forces will not stop bombing. A Syrian military source said: any terrorist action will be hit by the air force, which is an irreversible decision."相关的主题文章: