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Sweet tooth Curry Fried Rice – Sohu will eat almost every time to cook some of the rest, the best way is to consume leftovers fried rice, cold Steamed Rice can also be made of fragrant and delicious Oh, and add some ingredients can also be very nutritious, I often do is convenient because Fried rice with egg, egg, take two OK, but this changed the way of eating, do a curry fried rice, with vegetables in collocation fragrant curry, delicious to burst Oh, I eat a bowl of rice. Ingredients: carrot a mushroom Steamed Rice left a piece of green onion 100 grams of meat curry soy sauce salt step: one, Hulobvepise Jing Che Martin, two, P. eryngii washed dice prepared meat chopped green onion, cut Ding, three pot heat oil, add chopped green onion saute, add minced meat fried oil, adding soy sauce tasty fry four the mushroom stir fry, add, because the mushroom is difficult to stir fry until cooked, five, will join together: carrots stir fry, stir fry until soft, six first off the fire, add a piece of curry, mix well and continue to turn completely melted seven, fired again, adding Steamed Rice stir fry, fry will Steamed Rice powder eight, continue to stir fry until heated through Steamed Rice fragrant curry fried rice can be eaten hot.相关的主题文章: