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UnCategorized Rockefeller Group from the United States has a sub-division known as Europa Capital, and they are holding talks aimed at making new property acquisitions in Bulgaria. Europa Capital already owns the Mall of Sofia, so they are well aware of the possibilities that real estate ownership in Bulgaria can bring. Add to that the fact that the countrys Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism is attempting to gain crowds by beginning a publicity campaign, its easy to see why Foreign Direct Investment in Bulgaria is expected to rise in the .ing quarters. Right now, Bulgaria and particularly the resort areas on the Black Sea coast are well-kept secrets. The cost of living in Bulgaria is very low, and people looking to buy property in Sunny Beach and other resort areas will find some lovely properties on offer. Besides the fact that Sunny Beach is a lovely holiday destination, more and more people from around the world are discovering it as a retirement destination. Bulgaria has a varied landscape and properties in locations from rural to urban. The Black Sea coast has been an increasing draw for pensioners looking for a relaxed atmosphere as well as a full range of amenities. Now that Bulgaria is a member of the European .munity, investment dollars are beginning to flow in and new development is evident everywhere you look. Crime is low, healthcare is of high quality, and English is spoken in many of the more populated areas and along the coastal resort areas. Many people spending their pension years in Bulgaria report that the lower cost of living removes a huge burden of stress from them once they settle in. Property transactions are no more .plicated than they are in the UK, and there are always people willing to sell property in Sunny Beach and other in-demand areas. The range of properties available in places like Sunny Beach is amazing. Whether you are looking for a small apartment or a larger villa, you will find something you like. With prices having softened during the economic downturn, you might consider buying two properties, one to live in for yourself and another to let to provide some extra in.e to supplement your pension. For example, buy two apartments, perhaps even side-by-side, and live in one whilst letting the other. You will not have to pay a management .pany to manage the letting of the rental unit since you will be right there. Buying real estate in Sunny Beach is just as straightforward as other places. You will want to ensure all documents are translated so you can assure yourself of all details of the transaction, of course. Once you look into the advantages, you will see why it is such a gem. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: