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Health There are plenty of family doctors in Hermitage, Tennessee, but none like the ones at Summit Primary Care. With nine family doctors practicing under its roof, Summit Primary care is a convenient one-stop shop for patients of all ages. Conveniently located next to Summit Hospital in Hermitage, Summit Primary Cares family doctors have decades of combined experience treating illness and performing expert preventative care. In fact, Summit Primary Cares practitioners are some of the few family doctors in Hermitage with access to their own diagnostic equipment. Summit Primary Cares on-site laboratories are some of the best in the area, with machines for performing EKG testing, pulmonary function testing, hearing testing, and osteoporosis testing. Many Hermitage family doctors need to send away for test results, which necessitates lengthy waits. In the realm of family health, time is always of the essence. Choose Summit Primary Care in the knowledge that your diagnosis will always be speedy. Summit Primary Cares Hermitage family doctors use EMR [electronic medical record] technology, enabling them to serve you much more quickly and much more accurately than practices that still rely on paper records. EMR technology stores your medical record digitally, enabling Summit Primary Cares Hermitage family doctors to instantly consult your information, and to store new information for reference during future visits. EMR ensures that records are never lost, mixed-up, or corrupted, and will soon be the industry standard. Summit Primary Cares Hermitage family doctors are already using it. Come experience the difference a little digital technology can make. Summit Primary Cares family doctors in Hermitage also provide many routine diagnostic tests, including pulmonary stress testing, x-ray testing, ultrasound, urine drug testing, ECHO testing, and more. No matter what your medical concern, Summit Primary Care has the staff and the equipment to address it quickly and professionally. Also, consider the fact that Summits family doctors are some of the most accessible in Hermitage. Summit Primary Care operates a walk-in clinic six days a week [its closed on Sundays], making them an ideal organization to turn to in the event of a minor medical emergency. The Hermitage family doctors at Summit Primary Care are always ready to help patients, whatever the situation. Summit Primary Care physicians also accept appointments, naturally. The nine Hermitage family doctors at Summit Primary Care are experienced professionals with diverse skill sets. Their combined expertise makes Summit Primary Care an ideal one-stop clinic for any medical concern, large or small, urgent or routine. Summit Primary Care is home to nine family doctors practicing in Hermitage, Tennessee. For more information, visit SummitPrimaryCare. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: