Suichang Zhejiang landslide accident has caused 15 people were killed and 12 people lost

Zhejiang Suichang landslide accident has caused 15 people were killed and 12 people are still lost in September 30th morning, Suichang landslides, rescue workers remains silence. Beijing News reporter Wang Zicheng photo accident occurred a week, Zhejiang Province, the number of victims of landslides is still growing in Suichang. Yesterday morning, the Suichang county government released the latest disaster informed that, as at 21 o’clock on October 5th, the loss of personnel in the search and rescue of the 27 have been lost to the people of the 15, confirmed no signs of life, there are still 12 people lost contact. Suichang county government informed that the loss of personnel, 1 people were transferred to the masses of the northern border town cadres Zhou Genfu, after verification has been killed. Three years ago, was listed as a "disaster" in September 28th this year at 17:30 PM, typhoon "catfish effect", Zhejiang province Suichang County North Town Village Su landslides, resulting in 20 houses were buried. Zhejiang Provincial Information Office announced that night, the accident confirmed that 27 people lost contact. A number of local friends of the video display, the 28 day at 17:28 PM, Su Village on the hillside near the suddenly billowing white smoke, then the large mountain began to fall down, screaming constantly, along with many houses were destroyed. According to the Suichang county government sources, the landslide collapse amount of more than 40 cubic meters, resulting in 20 houses were buried, the transfer of near more than 1 thousand and 460 people, there are 10 people in the hospital. After the disaster, Zhejiang Province, the Provincial Planning Commission sent a medical emergency rescue team of 27 people to Suichang. To around 12:55 on September 29th, the Red Cross rescue team to help rescue the remains of the first victims. It is reported that the main cause of the landslide due to heavy rainfall. According to the Zhejiang Provincial Meteorological Observatory, the typhoon "catfish effect", to the evening of 28 at 7:30, the rainfall of Suichang County in the last 24 hours up to 101.4 mm, for the level of heavy rainstorm. Among them, nearly 6 hours of surface rainfall up to 48.8 mm. According to Xinhua News Agency reported that the incident in the village as early as three years ago, was classified as a disaster point, and the relocation work should be carried out. Suichang county government office in 2013, 2014 and 2015 issued the "County Geological Disaster Prevention Plan", will the landslide accident of "Bei Jie Zhen Su Cun included in the local" due to natural factors caused by the threat of rural settlements geological disaster "and" relocation project ", and that of the the relocation work to accelerate the implementation of". According to the "Suichang County Geological Hazards in 2013," the content shows that the northern boundary of the village of the town of hidden danger for the collapse of the disaster level of B. Lost contact with the town cadres to confirm the death of the past few days, the Suichang county government intensive notification rescue progress. The morning of October 5th, Suichang county government website said the progress of the search and rescue, as of the evening of October 4th, has been to find lost contact with 10 people, there were no signs of life, 17 people are still lost, one person is responsible for the transfer of the northern boundary of the town cadres Zhou Genfu masses. 6 am, Suichang county government announced the latest disaster Bulletin shows that the number of victims has risen to 15 people, while another 12 people are still missing. Late yesterday, Suichang county government again informed that in October 5th, about 17:16, in Yu Su Village landslides相关的主题文章: