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Suffering from gestational diabetes, should eat this – we all know that the Sohu maternal diabetes diet should pay special attention to the pregnant mother during pregnancy gestational diabetes mellitus is a common disease, as a result, the pregnant mother fell to nutrition, but also pay attention to diet. The following is recommended to pregnant mothers several nutrient rich, suitable for pregnant women with gestational diabetes several dishes. Learn more about motherhood knowledge, you can also join the national health good mummy club QQ group, there do not understand the questions at any time, we will reply in the first time. And interact with their mothers, in the interaction of learning knowledge, training skills. QQ group: 212150626, we are waiting for you oh! 1, Yuzhu fried Oupian nutritional analysis: lotus root Jianpikaiwei and Yixuesheng muscle, diarrhea; Polygonatum Yin Runzao, thirst, both with cooking, applicable to all types of diabetes in pregnant women often eat. Production methods: (1) to the roots, polygonatum wash, cut, boiled, drained; root wash, slice, blanch carrots peeled, sliced. (2) pot put the oil pan, pour the lotus root, polygonatum, carrot slices and stir fry until cooked, add salt, ginger, pepper, stir evenly, add MSG serve. Analysis of 2 sweet and sour nutrition: yam yam contains mucus, have the function of reducing blood sugar, can be used for the treatment of diabetes, is a diabetic diet Jiapin; yam contains large amounts of mucus protein, vitamins and trace elements, can effectively prevent the deposition of lipids in the vessel wall, the prevention of cardiovascular disease, has bestwill nerves, longevity effect. Production methods: (1) will be washed, peeled, cut into hob block. (2) heat wok, add the appropriate amount of vegetable oil, till the 60% heat, yam into pieces, deep fry skin yellow fish out, drain oil. (3) pan control net oil, vinegar and sugar, boil into yam flour (80 grams, 50 grams of flour and water) the concentrated juice income, yam is wrapped in uniform block. How to improve the gestational diabetes 1, carbohydrate intake right carbohydrate intake is to provide heat, maintain normal metabolism, and avoid ketogenesis. Pregnant women should not mistakenly think that do not eat starch can control blood sugar or weight, but do not eat. In addition, patients should avoid adding sugar, sucrose, fructose, glucose, sugar, honey and other sugary drinks and sweets, and prevent the rapid increase in postprandial blood glucose. The majority of pregnant women with diabetes in the morning blood sugar value is higher, so breakfast starchy foods must be less. 2, pay attention to heat control in early pregnancy does not require special increase heat, and must be required in accordance with the late pre heat, add 300 calories a day. Due to weight loss may make the maternal body increase, causing adverse effects on the fetus, so during pregnancy should not lose weight. 3, pay attention to the distribution of meal times to eat meal in the maintenance of stable blood glucose levels, to avoid the occurrence of ketosis, plays an important role. To develop a small number of multi meal habits, the daily intake of food can be divided into 5 ~ 6 meals, in particular, to avoid dinner and the next day breakfast time is too long, so before going to bed to add snacks. 4.相关的主题文章: