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Su god world cup or suspected that was suspended by the opponent: counter vertical elbow – Sohu sports world cup or suspected that Su God was suspended in   vertical; Suarez is shooting the best strikers in world football, but Su God’s own temper is still a short board. In Russia the World Cup qualifier, Uruguay 1-3 away defeat to Chile, after Suarez suspected erect middle finger to the fans, may be banned for the future. Suarez in the first half of the match assists Cavani break, but then scored 3 goals for the Chilean team. Eighty-eighth minutes, Suarez penalty but unfortunately missed, his play mad, the team away defeat, Su God very bad mood. Suarez is ready to go into the dressing room after the game is to celebrate the victory of the home fans in the middle finger. Although the movement is very subtle, but Suarez’s middle finger movement is a photographer shot down, the future FIFA would let Suarez suspended for 2 games. Suarez himself said: "I don’t know whether he saw I was elbowed opponents shot to defend themselves. At present, the Uruguay team in South America to promote the situation is very good, but the team has a direct decision to attack the quality of Suarez. No su God Uruguay team this summer the Copa America did not qualify, but the South American top 6 points are very close, if Su God was suspended, for the Uruguay team is likely to ruin a good future. (Bourbon)相关的主题文章: