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Stunned! This mobile phone browser on the line ahead of WeChat’s "small program" – Sohu science and technology news: November 16th Texun browser can be said to be essential for mobile phone desktop app, now a few Internet giants are trying to compete for this market, UC, Baidu, QQ, 360… The light is currently on the market mainstream products a lot, but there are numerous, but not in a circle, All flowers bloom together. "found that the interface and functionality of the product are almost same, the design of polymerization page of the information flow is sprawling, experience is not how comfortable. A few days ago I saw an update notification 360 mobile phone mobile phone browser version 8, the inertia after the upgrade was found even with the page design before the browser product is not the same, and also on the line ahead of the "WeChat apps", the trial after a few days, then share with you some of its major changes. A, 4Tab layout more reasonable and easy to use 360 mobile phone browser 8 finally changed the industry in the past "one pot" page layout is provided with 4 tab tags, search information, video display, were placed in three separate pages, and through the bottom of the tab tag with a switch, which make use of the experience suddenly increase by a large margin, if you have suffered from the bloated complicated page of mobile phone browser torture, then it will make you feel instantly quiet in the whole world. Two, free custom home page, no matter how the hitherto unknown transition function is always the core browser search and web navigation, you can certainly give it what other attributes, but if they affect the function of the core experience, will have the order reversed. 8 of the 360 mobile phone browser home page is very simple, only retains the search bar and light application icon, but it is worth mentioning that, you can free custom home as management of mobile phone desktop support, add delete light application, and the application of light in this folder to the classified management, greatly improve the efficiency of the internet. Three, light application can apply delete not commonly used shortly before the news, WeChat brush "apps" open beta burst circle of friends, which found that the use of the concept seems to herald the new form of APP in the future. It is reported that before the WeChat beta released early in the letter of two weeks, 360 mobile phone browser "light" project has been started, version 8 provides including life, entertainment, social networking, shopping, financial management, all kinds of commonly used light application, SDK is only 800Kb, do not need to download, easy to use, is almost completely and the same experience with native applications. Just like "apps", the application of light is not only a kind of new shortcut icon, WeChat and 360 of all to give greater mission, for they do, even if you have no other mobile phone APP, light application can also meet most of your needs, but make them able to replace the mobile phone desktop is obviously not may, the user’s APP habits will not be affected, at present, the biggest significance is perhaps that the mobile phone applications that use frequency is not high desirable finally deleted] rest assured相关的主题文章: