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Travel-and-Leisure What to look for in Richmond Hotels Richmond hotels offer accommodations that will fit every kind of tourist, from those looking for luxurious surroundings to those with simple tastes, from prices ranging from the expensive to the bargain based, and from hotels full of history to the modern and contemporary ones. History buffs will enjoy historic hotels like the Jefferson Hotel and the Linden Row Inn that blends its contemporary amenities with old-fashioned architecture and ambiance. The Jefferson Hotel, opened in 1895, is considered the most luxurious among Richmond hotels. The hotels has 264 guest rooms, with great facilities like its state of the art fitness center, transportation going to downtown attractions without charge, two fine dining restaurants, and an indoor swimming pool. Built in the 1840s is another historic hotel, the Linden Row Inn. This boutique hotel contains 70 rooms equipped with modern conveniences. The hotel is located on a property that once belonged to Mr. Charles Ellis who used the grounds as a garden for jasmines, roses, and lindens. Pet Friendly Richmond Hotels Traveling with your pet animal can be easy and stress free with some planning beforehand. More and more tourist accommodations include pets as part of their clientele and the days when you have to place your pet cat or dog in the care of a neighbor, relative, or friend while you are out on your holiday are now long gone. There are many hotels in Richmond that allow pet animals to stay in their owners hotel room. The owners are charged fees for their animals, usually on a per night or per stay and non-refundable basis, which cover extra housekeeping services for cleaning after your pet. Other hotels require a deposit that will be returned at the end of your stay if your pet animal did not do damage to the hotel property. There may be some restrictions that hotels apply to pets allowable in their premises; responsible owners should inquire first before booking in. Some hotels have certain areas that are off-limits to pet animals and some may expel pets that disturb other patrons, like dogs who bark too much. Best Deals from Richmond Hotels To get the best deals from hotels in Richmond, do some research first before booking. Next is to plan your vacation months ahead of time or during off-season when hotels lower their rates considerably because there is less demand. Check hotel rates, deals, discounts, or vacation packages that are being offered by going directly to hotel websites. Some offer exclusive deals if you make your reservations with the hotel management and not through a travel agency. Another good idea is to call the hotel number to ask for a quote and then ask if they can give you something lower than what was given to you before. If you plan on staying for five days or more, try asking for a free night of stay or if they offer weekly rates instead. Also worth asking are additional fees like taxes, parking fees, surcharges, and incidentals that are normally mentioned during check out only. Green Hotels in Richmond Many Richmond Hotels in Virginia have become environmentally conscious over the years. Eco-friendly hotels have implemented the optional linen service, encouraging their guests to reuse their towels and sheets to avoid changing them every day and the hotel staff only changes the linen upon request. Disposing of waste materials properly and recycling is one more green step hotels have taken. Any unopened hotel items after guests check out are saved by housekeeping for reuse later. As much as possible, reusable items like glass dishes and water receptacles are used and plastic, aluminum, paper, and glass refuse are for recycling. Green hotels also have water and energy conservation practice like using energy efficient lighting systems and appliances, having individual thermostats in every room, and doing regular maintenance to prevent any leaks or drips in faucets and shower heads. At the same time, guests are encouraged to turn off lights and other electronics when not needed. Hotels also get services and products from other eco-friendly businesses as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: