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Strong hurricane Matthew hit Haiti   "United States prepare" – Inner Mongolia Channel – Reuters reported at least 339 people strong hurricane Matthew in southern Haiti and northwest of the death toll has more than 350 thousand people need emergency aid. Because the traffic was interrupted, residents of serious part of the disaster almost "starvation", some desperate victims expressed dissatisfaction, accusing the government of Haiti "defaulf". At the same time, in response to Hurricane Matthew landing, President Barack, President of South Carolina and Florida have declared a state of emergency in the Federal Republic of Texas. Southeastern coastal States, including Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, have called for emergency evacuation of about 3 million people in affected areas. The number of casualties in Haiti is likely to continue rising as floodwaters recede and more bodies are found, The Associated Press reported. Hurricane Matthew invasion of Haiti, the maximum sustained winds of 230 kilometers per hour. Towns and fishing villages in southern Haiti have the worst. "There are ruins," Southern Haiti Province Wan Town Mayor pilus? Enor said, "the house roof was blown, the plantation was destroyed…… This is the first time I’ve seen a similar scene." Aid agencies say the largest city of Dawan Jeremie (Jeremie) in the province hit strong hurricane "Matthew", was almost razed to the ground, "about 80% of the buildings collapsed, all telephone communications and power supply interruption. Residents’ food and emergency funds". Haiti’s interior minister Francois Joseph, 6, said at a news conference, according to incomplete statistics, strong hurricane, "" caused at least 20 thousand houses severely damaged. As part of the affected areas of communication interruption, flooding, is still unable to assess the disaster, casualties and property losses may rise further. Joseph also said that the affected areas in urgent need of food and water supply. In addition, the Pan American Health Organization 6 officials warned that the hurricane "Matthew" caused by the floods may cause the surge in cases of cholera in Haiti. [] Reuters reported dissatisfaction with the affected residents in the southwestern town of Haiti, Cavaillon (Cavaillon), dozens of people gathered in a corpse. They said the hurricane "Matthew" 4 was a local river, causing serious disaster breaching of the dike. As of 6, the town of Cavaillon by the flood cut off contact with the outside world, almost without water, residents of food. "The corpse has been placed on the road, this is the country’s dereliction of duty," resident Ashley said Dodi?. Local mayor tried to appease the victims, a woman shouted: Haiti government where? We are starving." The hurricane "Matthew" 3 midnight with maximum sustained winds of 230 kilometers per hour in the invasion of Cavaillon town. Residents of Roosevelt? Esperanza longs to say, until the next afternoon to local residents were forced to evacuate their homes by the water surge, mountain refuge to the town behind the higher. "We need water, food and clothes," said Esperance. According to Reuters, the international relief organization has appealed to the international community相关的主题文章: