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To reinforce the responsibility of telecommunications fraud "total war" – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing in September 13, voice: consolidating the responsibility to telecommunications fraud "full war" Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Liangheng, Zheng Liang, leaves before the current, some criminals follow the social hot, carefully designed lie, according to different groups step by step sets, big crime crazy money. Telecommunications fraud intensified, the people suffered heavy losses, telecommunications fraud, a comprehensive declaration of war. Telecommunications fraud rampant, and telecommunications, financial and Internet industry closely related to loopholes in management. Outside the network to change the phone number into the thousands of households, mobile phone, broadband and other telecommunications services, network card name system is not implemented, virtual operators industry management confusion, non real name bank card is used to cheat layers of transfer, the third party payment companies are crooks used to transfer money laundering"…… These vulnerabilities exist already, unfortunately still not too late, is still used by criminals. More effectively combat telecommunications fraud, it is difficult to get rid of departmental interests barriers. Dare to play hardball, willing to the interests of the masses is heavy, a test of courage and determination to the relevant government departments. For telecommunications fraud, the State Council has established the inter ministerial joint conference system. However, the reason why the telecommunications fraud has not been effectively curbed, some of the local interests of the first thinking caused by poor governance is one of the important reasons for poor governance. Telecommunications fraud, a comprehensive declaration of war, we must ensure the implementation of the system to ensure. Legislation should be made to combat telecommunications fraud multi sectoral coordination mechanism, the relevant departments to refine the obligations and responsibilities; comprehensive management departments should be comprehensive management evaluation, supervise the handling, "one vote veto" and other aspects of the introduction of hard measures, task decomposition, pressure conduction. Telecommunications industry, the financial sector and the Internet industry regulatory authorities should be urged to prevent security vulnerabilities in place rectification. Many telecommunications fraud cases to solve the lives of torture left, can no longer be assault type campaign law enforcement response. Party committees and governments at all levels should be included in the work of social security prevention and control system, strengthen the organization and leadership, good overall planning, timely solution to the difficulties and problems encountered in the work. Relevant units should firmly establish a game of consciousness, strict compliance with regulatory responsibility and social responsibility, and work together to fight the fight against telecommunications fraud.相关的主题文章: