Strength analysis Sunday Stankovic inter Milan efforts or

Strength analysis: inter Stankovic Sunday continue Milan or West Ham VS distress Nanan Pu recommended: 30 West Ham at present is in recession, the tournament suffered 4 defeats, nearly two rounds is losing a large margin, the team’s defense useless. Nanan beat Swansea last round, won the first victory of the season, the team this season is also a substantial decline in strength. West Ham is currently defending the weak and strong attack, the guests have the chance to win the Nanan pu. Leipzig: 13 Cologne Cologne VS recommended opening performance is good, the clean sheet is two, with a home court (not the week event, the same below). Although Leipzig is promoted, but a strong start, after a self defeat Dortmund get out of hand, the last round of a 4:0 victory over hamburg. The two sides basically matched, draw the most likely outcome, then slightly optimistic about some of the main victory. Inter BOLONI VS recommended: 3 Inter in the encounter opening after the crisis, the last round is the home court to beat Juventus (beyond all expectations, this is the official website of the data) to give the team made a shot in the arm. BOLONI is currently only in the class to get a victory Macalia body, two games are big score defeat, the team away fighting is very limited. The field can see the high momentum of inter. SA Thoreau VS Udine recommended: 31, if not in Perth and Thoreau card game mistake, have not registered players, has now topped the standings before three. The team nearly 3 home win streak, fighting is quite tough. Udine guests can beat AC Milan is sheer luck, this time once again to combat difficult odds. Florence VSAC Milan recommended: 3 Florence opening performance is still quite satisfactory, showing the strength of the team for the UEFA Champions League qualification. AC Milan has been compared to the current lineup of teams and obvious distance, and new manager Montella is still in the exploratory stage tactics, offense and defense problems, the field was fraught with grim possibilities. David Villa VS Osasuna recommended: 3 David Villa had chicken coaching consequences, bad record, but fortunately the competitions with 3 wins, has bottomed out. Osas had fallen into the second division, this season has not yet been back to Serie A after the victory, the team’s strength is obviously very difficult to stand in La liga. This field can be pursued the momentum gradually.相关的主题文章: