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The red hot skin "skin" – Sohu health last month to visit Xinjiang, on the road from Urumqi airport to Manasi, see a building, the driver told us that the local people called the building "skin teeth". I can’t react, skin teeth? Then he explained that Xinjiang people have called onion skin teeth, from the shape and color looks very like skin teeth". Skin teeth is a word from the Turkic language, Turkic is transliterated as "onion skin teeth", I do not know what time spread around Xinjiang. Living in the Xinjiang area of Henan, Gansu and other places are also known as Romans, the onion skin teeth, and to my hometown. Today we take a look at a characteristic of Xinjiang a particularly popular ordinary salad, spicy red leather, the dish looks seductive, eat greasy, refreshing appetizer. This menu from the name can not see why, one that will see light suddenly. In fact, the "skin" is "skin teeth", "hot", is the hot pepper, and "red" refers to the tomato. [background] skin teeth skin teeth, is also called onion, onion, onion, onion, onion, Holland, is a kind of common vegetables. It is said that there was a legend about onion in medieval europe. The soldiers wearing onions can fight from bow Ji injury, victory in the war. Onion is not only an important ingredient in Europe, but also a symbol of victory. Onion cultivation has a long history, as a vegetable for thousands of years, originating in West Asia, in early twentieth Century, a large number of cultivation in china. Our people to do the dishes for raw onion variety, can be like the skin like spicy red made cold dishes, either alone or with other vegetables with meat and fried food. Regular onions in foreign countries is also on the table, such as French Onion Soup is often an indispensable delicious meal, Pakistan to barbecue with onion, then such delicious fried onions, and hamburgers are also common onion figure. [nutrition] spicy skin as a kind of Allium, the onion has a strong smell of housewives have the right to speak, at a time when cutting onions that red nose, spicy eyes feel fresh. Onions are rich in minerals and vitamins, as well as other vegetables, and more importantly, they are rich in phytochemicals that are good for health, including sulfur compounds and flavonoids. According to the color of the onion can be divided into white onion and onion, two nutrients in slightly different. White onions, vitamin C and carotene content, while the purple onion dietary fiber and calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron and other minerals with high content of. In addition, onion flavonoids content is higher than that of white onion. Sulfur compounds in onion and onion is produced spicy pungent odor. These sulfur compounds had stable in onion cell cytoplasm, when cutting onions, onion cell destruction of sulfur compounds in the cytoplasm and vacuole in the enzyme in the encounter, and then react to produce stimulation of sour gas, which is the onion lachrymatory factor. In fact except)相关的主题文章: