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"Hot" today released four police bawanghua watch resurrection Screen Classics – Sohu entertainment movie "spicy police overlord flower" poster Sohu ultimate entertainment news from the "Mermaid" executive director Qian Guowei, Li Yuanling, Joyce Cheng, cenlixiang, He Peiyu, Cui Bijia, He Peimin starred in the movie "spicy police overlord flower with its classic theme". And create a new lineup of delicious appetizer dishes. The big screen today officially landed in the mainland, four points ahead of spoilers". Selling point: Super IP classic heavy return bawanghua series comeback "overlord flower" series in the last century, Hongkong has been a smash hit, all types of movies, has a profound impact on South Korea, Japan and South East Asian countries. Spicy police King flower again return not only continues this sexy theme lineup and action scenes, but also added a youthful blood, humor and other elements, so that the film’s comedy action greatly anticipated. The rain Joyce Cheng training selling two: Joyce Cheng funny play "Hongkong play" pistachio "weight" spicy police overlord flower Joyce Cheng as a brave justice, outspoken girl, in the film she compared with other women not only bloated, and the awkward, make a fool of myself. So she often with every kind of trouble, so the film is funny as she gets. Joyce Cheng in the "hot police overlord flower" was shot before the success of downsizing, from the initial 105 kg weight loss to 62 kg, subject to widespread concern. However, in order to be able to better interpret the hot police overlord flower in the comic role, Joyce Cheng back to 90kg, professionalism is evident. Chubby endearing her, was friends affectionately known as a new generation of "Hongkong pistachios", received a warm welcome in Hongkong. He Peiyu confrontation tough selling three: "young and dangerous" against the King spent two classic classic gangster Series in the fierce collision of the Lin Xiaofeng and Kar Lok Chin twenty years later came back and behind the "spicy police overlord flower" is another highlight of the movie. The two chiefs have played black scum, now without mercy, personally guiding bawanghua. This can be regarded as "young and dangerous" and "king of flowers" two classic IP first positive contest. Covert attack overlord flower selling four: super popular beauty together – Hot Sexy films show brings together a large number of popular sexy young model, Yan burst table values. "Hot" by "police bawanghua Miss Chinese international champion cenlixiang," star two generation "Joyce Cheng, eight die Pei Yu Ho, Cui Bijia, Kung Fu goddess full woman what Peimin and starring Shirley Yeung Stephy Tang, another popular queen, Malaysia," the global "miss Tong Bingyu, sexy supermodel Jessica C strong to help out, double index. "Hot police overlord flower" now in the national release, blood youth, cyclones, and so you come to war.相关的主题文章: