Southern Southern China has scattered heavy rain high temperature in the Middle East End –

Southern Southern China have dispersed storm   Middle East high end — Environmental Protection — in Beijing in August 26, according to the Chinese weather network news, today (26 days) tomorrow, with the cold air gradually southward, heavy rainfall will be concentrated in the Southern Yangtze River, Southern China and other places, with scattered local heavy rain and strong convection accompanied by thunderstorms, hail and other weather. At the same time, under the influence of cold air, the eastern part of a wide range of cooling significantly, the rapid decline in the high temperature in the south, the northern part of the region gradually into the fall. The Middle East Ying dispersion of heavy rainfall accompanied by local strong convection yesterday, affected by cold air, heavy rain in Huang Huai area of Shaanxi and Hebei, and more in case of heavy rain, resulting in the occurrence of water, waterlogging and other city. Monitoring shows that 25, 5 to 26, 5, northern Shandong, southern Hebei, Henan, Shaanxi Province, Eastern and southern Hubei, Northwestern Jiangxi and other places, widespread heavy rain, local heavy rain weather. Today, cold air continues to fall, precipitation will be mainly concentrated in Guizhou, Hunan and other places, there are scattered heavy rain, accompanied by thunderstorms, hail and other severe convective weather. The Central Meteorological Station forecast, Eastern southwest, southern Jiangnan, Southern China, North Central, Eastern and Western Yunnan and other places have moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain (50 to 75 mm); strong convection of the short-term local and accompanied by heavy rain, thunderstorms and other weather. Today, rainfall is mainly concentrated in the southern Southern China and other places. Tomorrow, the precipitation center will continue to the south, Southern China, Yunnan, Guangxi, Guangdong and other places will face heavy rainfall weather. At the same time, North China, Huang Huai and the northeast region is gradually turned into fine weather. The precipitation process to some extent alleviated the drought in the eastern region of Gansu, Shaanxi, Henan and other places. According to statistics, as of August 22nd, Shaanxi drought area of 4 million 110 thousand acres. But due to the northeast of Inner Mongolia, the west of Heilongjiang rain is weak, drought mitigation is not obvious, the drought will continue or the local drought prevention work still need to do. The end parts of North South high temperature gradually fall since July 17th this year since the entry volts, high temperatures in most parts of China, especially in the South suffered continuous high temperature burn". Among them, Chongqing since August 17th, the highest temperature for 9 consecutive days, more than 39 degrees centigrade, which is very rare in the local. Yesterday is the last day, with the second half of the first round of cold air strikes, many started to cool significantly. Like Liaoning, yesterday suffered heavy rain, windy weather, the temperature plunged 6-8 degrees C, Liaoning people have to travel on a warm autumn. With this cold air continues to sweep across the country, is expected in the next few days from north to south a wide range of significant cooling process, the temperature is much lower innovation. Among them, the capital city as an example, the southern city of Wuhan on the 28 day minimum temperature will be below 20 DEG C. The cold air after the South high temperature will end, the northern part of the region gradually fall. According to statistics, in the northern region in the eastern part of Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang and other places in eastern Jilin has reached the standard of autumn days, the future of the eastern region, the northeast and northwest regions of Inner Mongolia will open a large range in autumn)相关的主题文章: