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Song Seung Seoul and Liu Yifei birthday show loving   secret love two people inside (Figure) – Jiangxi channel, original title: Song Seung Seoul and Liu Yifei birthday show loving secret love two people inside (Figure) (Song Seung Seoul and Liu Yifei’s birthday) according to South Korea, "Asian economic" reported 6, according to informed Korea entertainment industry sources, recently ushered in the birthday of the South Korean actor Song Seung held a birthday party at a senior club in Seoul Jiangnan District, his girlfriend Liu Yifei appeared, shattered the two broke up rumors. The day of the party, two people invited circle of friends Li Bingxian, Su Zhixie, Shen Dongye, Li Minting couple juyeon and Gao Changxi attended, the atmosphere is very warm and harmonious, Liu Yifei and Song Seung in the big show of affection, that love is sweet. In August this year, Song Seung also held a birthday party for Liu Yifei. Song Seung and Liu Yifei co starred in the film for "third love" and soon, in August last year admitted affair. Song Seung starred in the drama of history, "Shi Rentang: the diary of light" will be aired next year, which is 3 years after his return to the TV screen. Liu Yifei is a good girl worthy of all sincerity. She is mature, not drift. She is serious, is the goddess of all hearts, but she only needs a person, a love, let her laugh, let her make. For too long the goddess, want to return to the girl, good lucky to meet her daddy. In fact, from the interaction between the two, can be a glimpse of clues. Two co starred in the film conference, Song Seung personally sent a scarf to give gifts to Liu Yifei. What’s really tied scarf, not around the goddess mean? (Qiu Ye Shuai Yun, commissioning editor) original title: Song Seung Seoul and Liu Yifei’s show loving secret love two people inside (Figure) Liu Yifei day dress stunning, but walking is not convenient. Song even the moment it all looked at the girl’s skirt, attentive intimate is the charm of the goddess of the mature male gods. Liu Yifei usually looks your fairy sister, even before it became a playinglove girl. It’s lucky to find someone who can make you happy. Two people secretly each other each other, on the eyes only to find, ah, you are looking at me. At the beginning of fairy sister playfully, and song is me Chongni smile. Song Seung is a hitherto unknown enthusiasm awareness of two people in the new play. Specific performance in the forward Liu Yifei about the drama of micro-blog, and released a photo of Liu Yifei…… You’re so obvious that we didn’t find it. Liu Yifei in the interview to boast that the English language is super good, often in the cold joke to make fun of her happy, said his eyes will discharge special Song Seung. Song Seung said in an interview that age is not a problem, like the type of Liu Yifei. Two people see each other very well, so love is logical. In fact, love and others as well as long as there is no relationship, feel good love two of you, is the best love. (commissioning editor: Qiu Ye, Shuai Jun)相关的主题文章: