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Business SMS marketing has be.e the new mantra of marketers. Many a times we get a message from different .panies announcing a service or a product. This is a strategy followed by many .panies because, it is the best way to get a message across to a large user group. Text marketing is not a very new concept. However in recent times sms text messaging has been used most effectively by .panies to sell a product or service. Bulk sms providers are doing their part by acting as enablers who help the .panies to send out bulk sms’s to their customers. However, the phenomenon of bulk sms is not only limited to .panies trying to sell their products. It has a wider scope where it is being used by .panies to reach out to employees, political parties reaching out to supporters and the public and law enforcement agencies trying to create awareness among the public. Let us check out some of the benefits of using an online sms service for bulk text messaging. First is the simplicity with which an online sms system can be set-up. The system can be up and running in less than 5 minutes time. A free inbound number enables to collect all the customer’s number that you receive after running a campaign. This is true when we send a sms to customers to the effect " text FOOD to 07786200350 to receive news & offers from Jims Cafe". Personalised names can be displayed when the message is sent out. The campaign can be carried out in groups and the sender can create as many groups as required before sending out the text message. Apart from the features mentioned above, there are other features such as mail merge, delivery reporting, scheduler facilities, email notifications, auto reply and private inbox. All these features make the concept of business sms a valuable proposition for businesses. As a corporate, you need to be aware of the various mobile marketing laws prevalent in the country. There are "do not disturb" databases which should be followed strictly by business marketing people to avoid any action from law enforcement agencies. The best part of sms messaging for business purposes is the cost effectiveness. If we .pare the prices with any other form of marketing, this turns out to be one of the cheapest mediums. Though the prices of packages may vary slightly depending upon the the provider, the packages are designed almost in a similar fashion. It may vary between 20 to 100 for a package. Internet sms and web sms are the new mantra of marketers. Using a .puter and an Internet connection you can reach out to thousands of people across the country. So if you are planning a new marketing initiative for your product launch, you can definitely go for this option. I am sure that SMS marketing will give you the value .parable to some of the most costliest advertising mediums. Ensure that you get the right provider who can provide efficient services. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: