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Small walnut welcome bumper yesterday listed prices will decline slightly in the autumn season, walnut, fragrant fragrance. Reporters before the deep in the mountains of Ling’an, exploring "Yin Keng Cun Chinese hickory first village, the whole process of a little secret to pick the walnuts from the forest. Pick the fruit a day nearly 500 pounds in the morning of the mountains, the fog has not yet dispersed, crowing sound broke the silence around the village, gradually wake up from sleep. At dawn, Tan aunt on the back of the baskets, wear a hat, walked into the mountains. The mountain slope is very steep, some places do not even have a complete step, but she has gotten several light stride, climb on the top. "This season, the fruit of the walnut trees are ripe, I go to the mountains every day to pick up the fruit." Tan aunt said. After a while, she climbed to the tree. "This is the oldest walnut tree in the world. It has a history of 320 years." She pointed to one of the largest trees, tried to encircle the tree, but can not fully embrace, I feel it is still slowly growing up." It is understood that this year, 320 years of walnut tree growth is very good, yield up to 320 pounds. Tan aunt bow down, carefully move the tree, see the green walnut fruit, will pick it up and put it in the back of the bamboo basket, just for a moment, then picked up a half basket. "6 a.m. to 5 p.m. the day, a day to pick up nearly 500 pounds of fruit." Tan aunt said, only a dozen pounds, she went down the back and forth to run 40 times a day. She said, raising his hand to wipe the sweat on his forehead, and bent down to. Pick up, Tan aunt always wore thick white gloves, the gloves have a day off, brown, the sticky fingers. She took the gloves off, revealing a pair of cocoon covered with black hands, fingers was also infected with the brown mark. "This is not washed away, the time is long, it is a bubble." She shook her head. "When the shell is cracked, the water will seep out, and the hand will be stained with color." "200 yuan a day, earn more than farming, so a few weeks a year." In fact, Tan aunt is not a native, she came home from Anhui every year to work here, is already a fourth year. At least 400 processing plant is also in the mountains, in addition to a hundred years of wild walnut base, a lot of walnut processing factories set up in the vicinity, so that you can ensure the products get the fresh raw materials, and the first time sent to the factory. "Bang bang……" The rumbling roar of the machine, a dozen workers are Ling’an Hangzhou treasure company factory busy. Nuts sorting stage, 8 staff members wearing masks, according to distinguish between kernel level. "As soon as you look at it, you can quickly identify the two." A staff member said while the gesture skillfully picked out some "two". The gate of the factory, with a large snakeskin walnut for dozens of bags, waiting for their sorting. One side of the workshop, with the operation of the machine, a hand stripping small walnut drying machine, slowly through the conveyor belt to the packaging line. A worker told reporters that he is a resident of the surrounding residents, the family also has a walnut tree, each of these periods, in addition to working in the factory相关的主题文章: