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[six] crown mountain Hengda basic worry horror injury bad event? [information]: Hengda Club ranking first return to Asia on the Hong Kong Tencent beat Guoan sports news September 26th Game 3 players fall, jinyingquan season, Li Xuepeng and Chen Zepeng injured at least a month, and the Hong Kong contest, Hengda not only failed to do so to get a victory, the last 4 wheel also led the team lost 3 key players. This season had the greatest distress to Hengda is not a state of ups and downs, but serious injuries at any time will come to his team, plus jinyingquan, Hengda has 4 players bid farewell to the season ahead, in addition, Rong Hao and Zou Zheng when the back is not conclusive. Behind the men Suning has critical moment the ball dropped, let Hengda aspirations in the 6 consecutive years is not much problem, but so many injuries or let Hengda FA Cup cast a shadow over the prospects. The top scorer in the curse, foreign aid Trident in September the first 3 game misfiring, Hengda 3-0 victory Hebei Huaxia happiness swept 6-2 Liaoning Hongyun, 3-1 defeated the Guangzhou Fuli into the FA Cup final, football crazy 12 goals in 3 games, but Huang Bowen and Zheng Long scored 3 goals, the 9 ball is one of Alan foreign aid. GalAT, and Paulinho to harvest 8 goals. However, the "ruthless" Trident in Shanghai stadium misfiring, the team can only regret to return to Guangzhou with a 0-0 draw. Season 2 in the face of Hong Kong, constant are not seize the opportunity to win, in the celestial bodies, the Hong Kong elk sen in the escape clauses can not play, because Ji’an was Conca and affected by injuries to debut. This time to Shanghai, El Eriksson continues to evade the terms because hanging mianzhanpai, Hong Kong midfielder Conca has the season, defender Jin Zhourong is a South Korean foreign aid can not play due to injury. With only Evra and Hulk, with the recent downturn in the state of Wu Lei Bryant on the Hong Kong, Hengda game is no more than the opponent the opportunity of manufacturing. Even if there is no advantage with the Hong Kong Hengda super league standings with 7 points and the best penalty let top scorer scorer GalAT banquet, the current leader GalAT foot weak shot to return to Yan Junling’s waiting, this is already the third penalty at this season’s missed last season, with 7 free throws, the hit rate of GalAT this year in the twelve yard play only 6 penalty 3, 50%. In addition to GalAT, Gao Lin in the league and FA Cup each lost 1 points, the poor performance of twelve yards, a nightmare lingering Hengda this season. If it is not Su Ning suck, GalAT shot the penalty lost will cause a fatal impact. The injury fiercer than tigers, "vacuum" far left back to start from the beginning of the season, injury is always the problem of Hengda can not be avoided, Zou is the Club World Cup last year led to the fracture, all year may be absent, although a few months before it exposed Zou Zheng has been training with the team news, but until now, Zou has not yet entered the team squad. In the case of Zou is not back, Rong Hao also guest left back down, followed by Liu Jian for the season. Then became a rival in the morning and another in advance相关的主题文章: