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A single mother working to save the child moved 6 years spent nearly one million medical expenses is my mother saved my life again and again! Unfortunately, this life is difficult to repay……" 21 year old Li Zhihong is a regular in his mother Wang Shenglian as he Cayao said this sentence. Paralyzed 6 years, his mother told him to never abandon, working hard to cure him of his illness. Wang Shenglian said: "he is my son, I can not give up, as long as I live one day, we will raise him one day." 6 years spent nearly one million medical expenses for the 46 year old Wang Shenglian is Xinzhou District Xu Gu Jie Hu fan village. In November 2010, the son of Li Zhihong, who was reading grade 7, was unable to walk, and he was diagnosed with the internal and external vascular malformation of the spinal canal by T2-11 hospital. It was suggested that he should be transferred to the Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University, Beijing. (this newspaper reported in September 2011) in the same year in December, Xuanwu hospital expert consultation concluded that Li Zhihong suffered from a rare vertebral vascular malformation syndrome. There were only 3 cases before the disease, and Li Zhihong was in the case of. From December 2010 to May 2013, Li Zhihong had 5 surgeries in the hospital, cost of medical expenses of nearly 800 thousand yuan, after Wuhan in the treatment of bedsore, rehabilitation and spend about 200000 yuan, the current liabilities about 80000. During the treatment of Li Zhihong, the local government and social well wishers have donated money for him, Wenzhou entrepreneurs in the Chinese people caring for personal donations 18 thousand yuan, received a total of $40 thousand love money. When the mother of the attending physician Wang Shenglian and her husband’s feelings, May 21, 2011 divorce agreement, his son has followed her. May 2013, after his son finished his fifth surgery in Beijing soon after, she took his son to work while the Chinese side to treat his son. First, she was a resident at home to do housework, 8 to work every morning, at work at night, at noon, you can take a break, a monthly salary of 2000 yuan, 6 yuan. Noon break is too important for Wang Shenglian. Every day after work, she rode a bike, 15 minutes back to the rental house, take care of life can not take care of his son. But third days of the home, the son had a bedsore, gradually, Wankou burrow, buttocks bedsore, in order to cure his son, Wang Shenglian quit his job. Son had bedsore surgery in Liyuan hospital, spent more than 6000 yuan. During the treatment of bedsore and son. In order to save money, Wang Shenglian after his son was discharged, to buy a medicine box and medicine, equipment, etc., his son in the rental housing debridement, dressing, medication, when the son of the attending physician". At the beginning of 2015, the son of bedsore improved, she also raise money to send his son to a hospital in Wuhan had 3 months of rehabilitation treatment, then the whole year is not in the hospital, is the basic treatment for his son at home. At present, his son monthly medical expenses of more than 1200 yuan. Gratitude touched a donors at present, Wang Shenglian in Hongshan District Liyuan street wutie Jiayuan district outside the night market stall. In August 2015, Wang Shenglian’s sister and chat with others, sister Wang Shenglian was deeply moved by the experience of the good people, the good man will be a medical bed to the son of Wang Shenglian, son to sleep for a few days, it has been idle at home. Last week, Wang Shenglian in his stall and adjacent stall)相关的主题文章: