Single mother received his son was kidnapped phone cheated 23 thousand yuan-punyu

Single mother received his son was kidnapped phone cheated 23 thousand yuan – China News Network (reporter Shi Wei) was completely scared by the other side, I should timely alarm." Yesterday, Ms. Wong told reporters in Wuchang, because the liar’s a kidnapping phone, she cheated 23000 yuan. She is a single mother, son Xiaobin alone. "My son is only 20 years old this year, because of his work these days, with me a little uncomfortable." Ms. Huang said that in September 20th, about 9:25 in the morning, she just went downstairs to go to work, suddenly received a small bin phone, after the call is connected, there came a man crying, also called twice "help indistinct". Then, the phone came a strange man’s voice, the other let Ms. Huang to the designated account transfer 300 thousand, otherwise you will kill "". "I think there’s not a cry of my son, but the other said Xiaobin in their hands, do not let him talk to me, let me as soon as possible to the account designated by the transfer of Alipay 300 thousand. They say they came out of prison." MS Wong said, she told him that he did not Alipay, and he is a single mother, not so much money. "They take the initiative to bring the price down to 100 thousand, let me go home immediately, complete the transfer after downloading Alipay registered." Ms. Huang said, although some doubt, but happened to be the night before small bin has sent messages to her, did not come home that night, going to a bar. Ms. Huang think there might be a small bin in the bar is bad at each other, only to her for money. After hanging up the phone, I directly Meng, did not expect the alarm. Alipay transfers the daily limit of 10 thousand yuan, I will give them to 10 thousand, then his phone again, or use a small bin number, so I went to the bank teller machine transfers. I said I had only $more than 10 thousand in cash, and he said how much. I went to a household name as "a Hengzhen" account transfer 13000 yuan." Ms. Huang said, still suffering from the shock she contacted by a friend Xiao bin, asked to know whether the small bin. MS Wong said, she worried that the small bin really kidnapped, to call the small bin phone will cause danger to the small bin. "As a result, the friend quickly linked to the small Bin Bin, small video through the Internet to give us peace. He said he was sleeping, has not looked at the phone, did not detect abnormal cell phone." MS Wong said, she immediately called the police, the police analysis, since the small bin has not been kidnapped, it may have two kinds: one is the small bin by an acquaintance to mobile phone, posing as kidnappers demanded money, there is a possibility that a small bin itself in this way the money at home. Ms. Huang Xiaobin repeatedly asked whether people get through the mobile phone, mobile phone has been in a small Bin said stood beside. "I made a list of the calls he had made during that time and found no record of his number between 1:30 and 12:30 in the morning. I met a professional liar, they put the small bin phone covered by technical means." MS Wong said. "The police are still investigating. My son is all right, I’m sorry that I’m too impulsive.".相关的主题文章: