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Singapore with the South China Sea issue media: water is too deep – don’t mess around the Sohu Military Channel Map: Li Xianlong. Recently, around the "non aligned movement summit meeting in Singapore to hype the South China Sea", Singapore ambassador Luo Jialiang bar on the "Global Times" and the newspaper editor Hu Xijin. Both of you come to me, has four rounds of tit for tat debate, saying the opposite. So, what is the real situation? Encounter things from "Global Times" published in the September 21, 2016 issue of "non aligned movement summit in Singapore we mention the South China Sea arbitration". This paper points out that, in the seventeenth session of the non aligned movement summit, "Singapore has insisted that Philippines Nanhai arbitration into the endorsement of the contents, an attempt to strengthen the outcome document of the South China Sea involving content, due to a number of countries clearly oppose failed."     September 26th, Luo Jialiang accused the newspaper reported 21, ignoring the fact that. He said that on the proposed results in the paper increases a consensus on the content of the South China Sea, "is not a temporary resolution or any single ASEAN countries advocate", "is the common position of ASEAN and ASEAN, also according to the consensus reached a joint communique of the forty-ninth meeting of foreign ministers of the asean." Meaning that this is the whole thing of ASEAN, can not rely on the head of singapore. Ambassador Luo also pointed out that the relevant paragraphs of the South China Sea in Southeast Asia, including the content, since 1992 has been incorporated into the final document of the summit of the non aligned movement, and to the ASEAN consensus based regular update ", the rotating presidency of the summit in Iran and host Venezuela rejected the practice does not accord with the practice of the non aligned movement. In September 27th, Hu said in reply, "" Global Times "reporter is to participate in the summit of the non aligned according to the people familiar with the situation in this paper, the source of information, serious writing is reliable, the real situation, therefore cannot agree with the accused of this report, the ambassador Luo jialiang". At the end of the letter, he reminded, "your country has done too much on the South China sea". The early morning of September 28th, Ambassador Luo wrote again. He stressed that the report is based on incomplete information, a word or two anonymous, while Singapore participated in the discussions during the summit; he also produced a letter in Laos ASEAN chairman said, "the chairman of the non aligned movement summit did not refuse to Singapore, but irregular refused to update the relevant requirements of the ASEAN ASEAN consensus in Southeast Asia in paragraph." Although the details have yet to be disclosed, the basic facts are clear. Singapore and ASEAN countries have tried to increase the new consensus on the issue of the South China Sea, which was reached within ASEAN, in the outcome document of the non aligned summit. All kinds of information, "Global Times" and Hu’s narrative is basically true, but can add more details; Luo although routine dominant, but avoids the fundamental problem, is hypocritical — his discourse has not touched the essence of what Singapore has no idea, do? Routine Ambassador Luo called Singapore did not do too much work in the proposal, the argument is not convincing. It’s just a face routine. Slightly understand?相关的主题文章: