Since the bus station of XiAn North Railway Station has been broken, the ticket vending machine has antik

Since the bus station of XiAn North Railway Station has been broken, the ticket vending machine has been fully opened, and the number of tourists has been recorded since the site was broken. Western network (Shaanxi radio and television news reporter Liu Lu Jiang Yunlong) reporter learned from the XiAn North Railway Station, as of today (September 30th) at 10 in the morning, XiAn North Railway Station tourists has reached more than 80000 people, is the largest number since the establishment of the day. In order to cope with the large traffic, the XiAn North Railway Station opened all 86 vending machines, open all artificial ticket vending machines, and improve the mobile ticket of a car. According to statistics, in September 30th Xi’an north to Baoji south of the EMU train ticket basically sold out, in order to meet the demand for passenger travel, XiAn North Railway Station provisional additional Xi’an north to Baoji south of D6857, D6859, D6867 3 bus, along with stops in Xianyang, Qishan station of Yangling station, South station, Baoji South station. D6857 times Xi’an North 20:15 departure; D6859 times Xi’an North 21:00 departure; D6867 times Xi’an 19:56 North departure. Taking into account the golden week period in the short haul passenger travel is more popular, the XiAn North Railway Station will be in September 30th and October 1st two days at the box office 3, 1 South East subway near the exit of rain gallery to open mobile ticketing cars, open high-speed rail ticket in Baoji, by opening special sale Weinan, Dali and the province’s major high-speed rail station ticket to. (West Net – Shaanxi News Network)

西安北站游客量破建站以来记录 站内售票机全开启西安北站今天游客量破建站以来记录。  西部网讯(陕西广播电视台新闻中心 记者 刘璐 蒋云龙)记者从西安北站了解到,截止到今天(9月30日)早上10点,西安北站游客量已达到80000多人,是建站以来人数最多的一天。为应对大客流量,西安北站开启了全部86台自动售票机,开启全部人工售票机,并加开了一台移动售票车。  根据统计,9月30日西安北开往宝鸡南的各次动车组列车的车票基本售罄,为满足旅客出行需求,西安北站临时申请加开了西安北开往宝鸡南的D6857、D6859、D6867次3趟车,沿途经停咸阳秦都站、杨陵南站、岐山站、宝鸡南站。D6857次西安北20:15发车;D6859次西安北21:00发车;D6867次西安北19:56发车。  考虑到黄金周前期的省内短途出行客流较为火爆,西安北站将于9月30日和10月1日两天,在售票处3东侧、地铁南1出口旁边雨廊处增开流动售票车,开辟高铁省内售票专口,专门发售宝鸡、渭南、大荔等通往省内各大高铁站的车票。(西部网—陕西新闻网)相关的主题文章: