Sichuan launched a comprehensive reform of the reform of the financial docking list

Sichuan launched a comprehensive reform pilot innovation "financial docking list" of Sichuan launched a comprehensive reform pilot innovation "financial docking list" China Securities Network Test Work Leading Group Office of Sichuan provincial comprehensive reform and innovation on the 12 day held a news briefing in Sichuan Province recently launched a comprehensive reform pilot innovation "financial docking list", among them, the bank loan institutions and enterprises docking includes 232 companies, 888 million yuan loan demand. According to Xinhua news September 12th, Sichuan development and Reform Commission Director Tang Limin introduced the Sichuan province to tease out the docking list includes: banking institutions and capital market, listed companies to be listed enterprise loans, corporate bond issuance, financial poverty alleviation and development projects in Sichuan Province, and the central financial institutions strategic cooperation. Tang Limin said, financial docking List focus on financial support for the short board innovation, efforts to crack the financing difficulties of scientific and technological enterprises, financing your problem, and further stimulate innovation vitality. Among them, the banking institutions and loan companies docking list includes 232 companies with a total investment of 235 billion 485 million yuan, the loan demand of $88 billion 852 million. Capital market to be listed on the list of companies to join the list of 379 companies. Meanwhile, corporate bond issuance list includes 39 bonds, financing a total of $40 billion 690 million. Finance and poverty alleviation projects docking list includes a total investment of 70 billion yuan, the bank loans to $45 billion 800 million to help ease the relocation of the project and the total amount of $6 billion poverty alleviation microfinance projects. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: